Fan Games

File Date/Size
A Clone of Monkey Island / MonkeyIsland-Klon
The author (nickname "Cmdr") appeared and then suddenly disappeared without a trace! Pity, because the…
29 Nov, 2010
4.32 MB
Adventure's World
The "Studio Parprod", aka Victor Parejo, launched in 2004 in grand style this game, with lots of advertising…
29 Nov, 2010
2.024 MB
Avian Hunt
This is the main project of the author "C3PO the Dragon Slayer." Thanks to the training run with the…
18 May, 2011
6.345 MB
Bobbin of Lucasley
MonkeyDashUnderscore had a brilliant idea! Use all the characters from LucasArts, to recreate (in the…
28 Mar, 2011
13.186 MB
Bounty Hunter
Presentation by the author: "Bounty Hunter PC is a First-Person Shooter game based on the popular Star…
24 May, 2011
11.596 MB
Carnaval Vudù / La Maldicion Voodoo / Largo's search (la vengeanza de Largo)
"Knossos Adventure Games" - "Soft Triatobat" - "Julis Stars Entertainment Company" - "Sherwood Studios"…
04 Jan, 2012
36.04 MB
Carver Island 1 - The secret of Carver Island
Francisco Gonzales, the leader of the Reef Production, also sometimes called "Grundislav", demonstrates…
29 Nov, 2010
1.902 MB
Carver Island 2 - Mrs. Rodriguez's Revenge
Mrs. Rodriguez is back from the grave and wants revenge! Clearly, this Principal must have been really…
29 Nov, 2010
3.169 MB
Catch Murray If You Can / Fang Murray / The ship of Monkey Island
This is a little gem found in the "dusty archives" of the "Inside Monkey Island", a German website dedicated…
30 Nov, 2010
913.18 kB
Coffee Island - Coffee Island 2: La vendetta del chicco
The great merit of Ilio Catallo is to have created the first Italian fangame based on Monkey Island!…
03 Nov, 2011
5.61 MB
Crazy Spit Challenge / Crazy Spit Contest
During the execution of his 'Monkey Island 2.5: Escape from Big Whoop', Scabb Dude (the author) has also…
30 Nov, 2010
365.181 kB
Curse of Monkey Island: Classic Edition / Old School Edition 2D
This game, more than a "remake", is a "demake", a remake of a game with a "precedent" graphic style.…
03 Nov, 2011
11.12 MB
Day of Maniac Mansion
The author has several nicknames: Superman, LeShadow, Salem, but his name is Krytof L. Shadow. This is…
24 Jan, 2011
8.56 MB
Day of the Alien - Tentacles Ate My Babysitter!
The creative team over the years has changed names several times (and probably components). In fact,…
06 Dec, 2010
6.687 MB
Day of the Tentacle Fun Zone
Funny sequence of mini-games that arise during the famous game "Day of the Tentacle", with the use of…
24 Jan, 2011
7.229 MB
DeathStar 150
Presentation by the authors: "You take on the role as a young Jedi thrust into the battle between the…
24 May, 2011
11.332 MB
Episode V - Battle for Hoth
The "Banshee Studios" is a group of fans of the Star Wars saga who are behind this shooter game, set…
16 Mar, 2011
5.948 MB
Episode VII - The dark side of the story
The author of this game made ​​with Game Maker is "Jazzuo", and this is his personal platform related…
12 Dec, 2011
14.45 MB
Escape from Maniac Mansion Island
Guybrush finds himself catapulted, along with Elaine, in the world of Maniac Mansion... So begins this…
02 Dec, 2010
1.421 MB
Estar Guars
This time the tool "Indiana Java" has been used for a game on Star Wars. At the time this project was…
06 Dec, 2010
10.158 MB
Fate of Monkey Island
This wonderful fangame chronologically takes place not later, but during the events of Monkey Island…
29 Nov, 2010
2.101 MB
Fate of Monkey Island 2
The year was 2000 and ScurvyLiver was creating one of the most beautiful fangame ever, until... LucasArts…
29 Nov, 2010
3.621 MB
Full Monkey - LeChuck's revenge
Carlos Andres Sureda Marcé is the leader of the "Carlos Arts Studios", and in 2002 he even collaborated…
30 Nov, 2010
4.533 MB
Fun Island
This is the first attempt by Michael Papetti in creating a fangame. The enthusiasm for the project failed,…
02 Dec, 2010
993.579 kB
Golden Warriors
The SoftInteractive has changed its name and is now called OTS Software. But the staff members and style…
25 Jan, 2011
35.105 MB
Goodbye Monkey Island
This game is the sequel to "Day of the Alien - Tentacles Ate My Babysitter!". The game is presented in…
06 Dec, 2010
24.094 MB
Guybrush and the River Dilemma
This is one of the first fangames based on LucasArts adventures. AJ Plus (Michael Jhuhn) released one…
02 Dec, 2010
102.529 kB
Guybrush Power Melee
This is a historical game by Monkey-_, one of the most prolific fangamers from the United Kingdom. In…
02 Dec, 2010
463.519 kB
Guybrush vs. B-Rated Food Products
A fangame that is also "educational"! Ben (SkullWarez) uses the character of Guybrush to warn his fans…
02 Dec, 2010
1.149 MB
Guybrush's Log - How to Break Into a Mansion
Mini-game by the 'historic' author AJ Plus. The fangamer makes fun of himself, because at the time of…
02 Dec, 2010
339.068 kB
Herman Toothroot's Philosophy
Yet another minigame by AJ Plus, this time with a bit more (but really a minimum) commitment by the author.…
02 Dec, 2010
222.8 kB
I Wonder What Happens In I Wonder What Happens In Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God
Finally, after so many years, TellTale Games dust off Monkey Island for the fans, with the beautiful…
06 Dec, 2010
216 kB
Indiana Cojones contra George Bush
The authors of this fangame are Diego González Cadenas y Premuto & Sonic^, and obviously had their reasons…
02 Dec, 2010
557.092 kB
Indiana Java - El pollo Maldito
More than 20 students ventured into creating this game, in which Indiana Jones must be able to capture…
02 Dec, 2010
13.67 MB
Indiana Java - The Network of Doom
"Indiana Java" is a development tool for creating games in Java language, created by a guy who uses the…
02 Dec, 2010
1008.842 kB
Indiana Jones - Alla ricerca di Guybrush Threepwood
Valerio Spadaro (Snake) had this ingenious idea: Guybrush is missing! We must find him: who will be in…
02 Dec, 2010
593.047 kB
Indiana Jones - Coming of Age
This game is really short, and everything takes place in one room, but it is really intense and challenges…
30 Nov, 2010
1.593 MB
Indiana Jones - I predatori dell'arca perduta
In July 1995, the JVC developed for Nintendo the game "Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventure", bringing together…
02 Dec, 2010
813.268 kB
Indiana Jones - La pietra extradimensionale / The Extradimensional Stone
The author Danilo Puce had just a nice idea: a collaboration between Indiana Jones and Guybrush in search…
22 Dec, 2010
964.44 kB
Indiana Jones - Le berceau de l'hiver LeBerceauDeL'
Nice Christmas present from the author Asraroth (whoalso goes by the name "Guybrush Tripouille" or "Napoleon…
22 Dec, 2010
1.468 MB
Indiana Jones - Le royaume des voeux
Another Christmas challenge for Indiana Jones. The author Asraroth often visits the French forum dedicated…
23 Dec, 2010
1.09 MB
Indiana Jones - Le temple azteque
Experiment in 3D by SoftInteractive (Fabien & Damien) for a "shooter game" about our beloved Indy! Indiana…
28 Mar, 2011
6.195 MB
Indiana Jones - Les aventuriers de l'arche perdue
The author attempts to reproduce in fangame-form the famous first film of Indiana Jones. Unfortunately,…
23 Dec, 2010
878.327 kB
Indiana Jones - The lost world
This is truly the masterpiece of Monkey-_: a five-part saga about Indiana Jones! Although the graphics…
19 Jan, 2011
3.724 MB
Indiana Jones - The revenge of the Ancients
The idea for this game was inspired by another game called "Indiana Jones - The Revenge of the Ancients".…
12 Jan, 2011
84.192 kB
Indiana Jones and the crown of Solomon / Indiana Jones and the last crusade 2
Initially the game was called "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 2". This would indicate the intention…
28 Mar, 2011
14.841 MB
Indiana Jones and The fountain of youth
A group of artists have come together under the name "Screen7", and for many years have been developing…
03 Nov, 2011
152.99 MB
Indiana Jones and the golden head
Tomi Malinen is definitely a nostalgic! Achieves this game as a tribute to the old glorious adventures…
25 Jan, 2011
185.598 kB
Indiana Jones and the Heritage of Time / Indiana Jones und das Erbe der Zeit HeritageOfTime(DasErbeDerZeit).zip
Surely one of the oldest fangame based on Indiana Jones. In 1999, Titus Miloi and Andreas Moros founded…
02 Dec, 2010
3.332 MB
Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints
This gift was planned for Christmas holidays of 2010. Unfortunately, the number of the bugs to be fix,…
31 Jan, 2012
55.86 MB
Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold
Small, friendly and interesting demo of a game that seems to be born 'quietly', but the authors have…
27 Jan, 2011
14.548 MB
Indiana Jones and The spear of destiny
Approximately in 2000, LucasArts was planning the realization of an Indiana Jones game called "The Spear…
19 Jan, 2011
957.436 kB
Indiana Jones et les aventurier du nouvel an
This game, despite being fairly new, very likely risked to be lost forever! The author has presented…
27 Jan, 2011
72.8 MB
Indiana Jones Example
Short demo on the potential of Game Maker applied to the character of Indiana Jones. The author has another…
26 Apr, 2011
2.131 MB
Indiana Jones Test
The ATP-FR is composed only of one person, "Marvins", and the author was probably looking for collaborators…
02 Dec, 2010
1.079 MB
Indiana Jones y el Dios del Poder
What a shame: an experience of the project "fast"! Within less than a year were made two demo with the…
25 Jan, 2011
1.201 MB
Indiana Jonnes y sus desventuras en el camino de Santiago
This time the author Eduardo Garbayo Herce, the same person behind "Indiana Java and the Network of Doom,"…
02 Dec, 2010
10.031 MB
Indianer James 1 - Indianer James and the secret of the pyramids
Mattias Döbbelt is the author of this fangame, clearly inspired by the adventures of Indiana Jones.…
10 Feb, 2011
229.547 kB
Indianer James 2 - Indianer James and the gold of the Tolteks
This time, our "hero" is located in Mexico, dealing with other pyramids: the Toltecs ones. The Toltecs…
10 Feb, 2011
227.009 kB
Indianer James 3 - Indianer James Und die Suche nach dem Goldenen Kelch
Here comes again our Indianer James, in this his third adventure, this time unfortunately only in German.…
10 Feb, 2011
2.752 MB
Indy and The Gold Medallion
This is one of the oldest fangame about Indiana Jones. It is dated to the year 2000! Probably one of…
19 Jan, 2011
529.115 kB
Indy Bones - The Book of the Gods
For the author Leslie Mayers, our intrepid explorer here becomes "Indy Bones", and is called in Egypt…
01 Feb, 2011
37.249 MB
Inside Monkey Island
This is the first fangame of "Fafrì", and the author starts immediately on the right foot! Obviously,…
26 Jan, 2012
205.26 MB
Insults of Monkey Island
"Ed" is the curator of the site "" and the leader of the team called "Lucas' Fan Art Games"…
02 Dec, 2010
311.554 kB
Invasion of Monkey Island
The aliens have invaded Earth and it's up to our heroes to engage in some mini-games against the invaders…
02 Dec, 2010
2.249 MB
La fuga de Guybrush Threepwood
Mini-game of skill: can you capture Guybrush Threepwood? Good for a few moments of relaxation between…
02 Dec, 2010
3.108 MB
LEC Killer
LEC is an acronym that stands for "LucasArts Entertainment Company", and this game is very special. As…
22 Dec, 2010
12.177 MB
Legends of LeChuck
Matt Shaw, founder of ShowArts, has created a 'prelude' and a demo on this adventure. The prelude of…
22 Dec, 2010
2.05 MB
Lightsaber / Lichtschwertkampf
Mini-game inspired by the adventures of Star Wars: Luke Skywalker fights Darth Vader in a duel with lightsabers!…
16 Mar, 2011
1.952 MB
Loom II - Chaos returns / The years of Chaos / Chaos
Without any notice or advertisement, was surprisingly released the demo of this highly anticipated game!…
12 Apr, 2011
30.318 MB
Loom II - Return of the swans
This is one of the few projects about Loom that has come to at least release a demo! Unfortunately it…
19 Jan, 2011
3.488 MB
LucasArts Fighter
Three game modes for this cute fighting game: you can play alone, in pairs, and how "3 Fighters VS",…
27 Jan, 2011
1.203 MB
LucasArts Survivor
MonkeyDashUnderscore brought together a series of mini-games, each relating to each of the major sagas…
23 Dec, 2010
1.966 MB
The usual incompetence of Purple Tentacle, a software incomplete by Dr. Fred, a mess by his son ... all…
23 Dec, 2010
4.244 MB
Maniac Apartment
At the end of 2004 the author Viktor realizes this nice adventure by the cousin of Hoagie , the famous…
01 Feb, 2011
3.146 MB
Maniac Island 1 - The Mistery of Maniac Island
Starts here the famous trilogy of Maniac Island! Danilo Lapegna (aka 'VoodooMaster') challenges himself…
23 Dec, 2010
33.344 MB
Maniac Island 2 - Il sogno di un pirata
VoodooMaster strikes again! It hits the mark again! Second great saga featuring the pirate LeChuck, and…
27 Dec, 2010
19.799 MB
Maniac Island 3 - L'ultima avventura di LeChuck / Last LeChuck's Adventure
And this concludes the Maniac Island trilogy, much shorter than the other "chapters", as it consists…
27 Dec, 2010
101.707 MB
Maniac Jackson and the moonwalking mindbenders
Fernando and Alejandro Dominguez Sarmiento (probably brothers) are the names behind the pseudonyms "A…
27 Dec, 2010
2.142 MB
Maniac Mansion 3D aka Meteor Mess / Maniac Mansion 3D Remake
This is the German surprise of 2009! A team of authors who calls himself Vampyre Games, led by 'ernie76'…
27 Dec, 2010
230.155 MB
Maniac Mansion DeLuxe
Our German friends are the most loyal fans of adventure games, and it is also known by the passion with…
11 Jan, 2011
6.11 MB
Maniac Mars
Nice crossover of Maniac Mansion and Commander Keen (and there is also an image of Guybrush). Keen has…
11 Jan, 2011
700.746 kB
Mänick Mänschion
Thomas Holz has proved to be a true pioneer of the genre, having regard to the date of implementation.…
03 Jan, 2011
693.748 kB
Max e il Robot Tentacolo
Max has to face the terrible threat of the tentacle robot: a small demo for a trial project by Claudio…
26 Jan, 2011
5.857 MB
Meji-Jones y la última búsqueda desesperada
"Meji Jones is a professor of a class of children with problems, and to treat them decides to go on a…
30 Dec, 2010
3.931 MB
MI-2 LeChuck's Revenge / The devil's triangle 2
It was the time when at cinema was broadcast the movie "MI-2"(where "MI" stands for "Mission Impossible").…
18 Jan, 2012
18.81 MB
Mission Threepwood: La sfera della scimmia / Crazy Island
Christian Nanni and his friends of the INM Arts (the acronym stands for IacoNanMboo, probably a mix of…
27 Dec, 2010
72.575 MB
Mojo Island
"It all began on Mojo Island, and Mojo, the king, has been kidnapped!" This is what the author Atle Ragnar…
27 Jan, 2011
403.301 kB
Monkey games
This is the historic, first fangame, made by MonkeyDashUnderscore! One of the hardest to find! The game…
28 Mar, 2011
525.145 kB
Monkey Island - A Bad Day to be Dead
A very nice and original demo, but unfortunately the project was dropped (from January 2007 to March…
29 Nov, 2010
6.263 MB
Monkey Island - Alla ricerca di Menny Island
"Lupo" introduces himself to fans as a new author, with this nice demo on a game set after the events…
30 Nov, 2010
2.925 MB
Monkey Island - Back in time
This adventure is set after the events in Monkey Island 4. Guybrush is transported back in time, the…
29 Dec, 2010
1.413 MB
Monkey Island - Carnival of the Damned
Jim Spanos (Dualnames) tells another story about the events after Monkey Island 2, but without any explanation…
25 Oct, 2011
5.07 MB
Monkey Island - Der Herr der Löffel [The Lord of the Spoons]
This game had quite a troubled history. The idea was conceived in 2001 but then in 2004 the authors have…
02 Dec, 2010
1.661 MB
Monkey Island - The first adventure
Filippo (F182) takes us back in time to watch the adventures of Horatio Torquemada Marley (or HT Marley,…
19 Jan, 2011
5.254 MB
Monkey Island - The new adventure
Small playable demo for an adventure likely to remain in the drawer. The author Lars Nilsson has disappeared…
30 Dec, 2010
791.158 kB
Monkey Island - Wedding Trip
This adventure by Davide dell'Edera tells the events at the turn of Monkey Island 3 and 4. Guybrush and…
30 Dec, 2010
2.716 MB
Monkey Island 0 - Daementia
"Guybrush will wake up and realize that he was dreaming, but in fact turns out to have a curse on him,…
27 Dec, 2010
4.272 MB
Monkey Island 0 - Navidad
The Grog Games, thought to be original, created this "Monkey Island 0"! Probably the guys do not know…
27 Dec, 2010
1022.806 kB
Monkey Island 0 - The begin
Perhaps this is really the most mythical of the Italian fangames! Ooops... maybe I exaggerated, calling…
28 Dec, 2010
19.134 MB
Monkey Island 1,5 - Carla e Otis alla ricerca di Guybrush Threepwood MonkeyIsland1,
A pity! David Schirinzi, aka Sheepwood, with the help of Iena for the screenplay and of Scabb Dude for…
28 Dec, 2010
1.199 MB
Monkey Island 1/2
Mysterious game, luckily found by chance in the web-directory of Thomas, the webmaster of Tentakelvilla…
26 Jan, 2011
8.146 MB
Monkey Island 2,5 - El parque de las Pesadillas
This game was originally planned as "Monkey Island 2.5", and the creative team also goes by the name…
02 Dec, 2010
3.833 MB
Monkey Island 2.5 - Escape from the Carnival of the Damned MonkeyIsland2,
What happened after the events of the surprising end of Monkey Island 2? This is one of many attempts…
28 Dec, 2010
275.842 kB
Monkey Island 2001
This is the project fangame by Mattia Amadio. The son of Guybrush, Guybrush Junior, lives in the 'future',…
28 Dec, 2010
493.97 kB
Monkey Island 3 e mezzo MonkeyIsland3,
The author 'DJ Tonino' is obviously a beginner like fangamer; previously had made only one fangame: 'Rip…
30 Dec, 2010
3.165 MB
Monkey Island 4 e mezzo MonkeyIsland4,
This is the first (and I think also the last) fangame made by Daniele Bosi, and set after Monkey Island…
28 Dec, 2010
7.519 MB
Monkey Island 4,5 - Time Crisis MonkeyIsland4,
Leo 'Yuyo' Boella, the fangamer behind the pseudonym mentioned, has wished to join in a game the stories…
28 Dec, 2010
2.244 MB
Monkey Island 5 - A Dream of Monkey Island
Ben, or better LHWChamp, or better still the leader of SkullWarez Entertainment, reveals his idea of…
29 Nov, 2010
865.873 kB
Monkey Island 5 - Return of LeChuck / Monkey Island 5 - The secret of LeChuck
Alastair Payne, aka Mr. Flibble, has brought together this "crew" of fangamers, for the realization of…
11 Jan, 2011
3.095 MB
Monkey Island 5 Beta
AGEGAM (The Adventure Game Engine for Game Maker) is a new system designed by Ignacio Amigo (Nachician)…
28 Dec, 2010
2.839 MB
Monkey Island Bolo
Sven Heidel is the curator of the German web-site 'Inside Monkey Island'; long ago started making this…
27 Dec, 2010
298.513 kB
Monkey Island bowling
This is one of the "historical" fangames, one of the hardest to find! We see Stan that presents Guybrush…
29 Dec, 2010
444.954 kB
Monkey Island BreakThrough
Mark Pruett is the author of a game called 'Break-Through', appeared in a collection of PC games in a…
03 Jan, 2011
32.373 kB
Monkey Island by Joe Woollen MonkeyIsland(byJoeWollen).zip
Joe is at pains to specify that he did all this game ONLY IN HALF AN HOUR! Well, the result can be seen,…
27 Dec, 2010
7.998 MB
Monkey Island Episode IV
Matt Shaw shekers together a little "Monkey Island", a bit "Star Wars" and (when it still had not left…
29 Dec, 2010
1.231 MB
Monkey Island Gaiden (MI 1,5)
Sven Heidel is the owner of the German site, "Monkey Island Inside". To realize this game gets help from…
01 Feb, 2011
476.296 kB
Monkey Island GT
A fun side-scrolling platformer, for a game with the backgrounds copied, but with the characters drawn…
29 Dec, 2010
967.509 kB
Monkey Island GT 2
The realization of this game goes on from years. After carrying GT-1, Ciro Cangialosi puts his hands…
29 Dec, 2010
6.775 MB
Monkey Island Illusion
Elaine asks Guybrush to withdraw the clean laundry from the laundry! Not a bad start for a new adventure…
29 Dec, 2010
1.963 MB
Monkey Island RPG
The two authors are from the Republic of San Marino. Both are fans of video games, but one of the RPG…
29 Dec, 2010
4.35 MB
Monkey Island SE versione 3D
MISE is an acronym which stands for Monkey Island Second Edition, and the author Antonio Milanese ("Alpha…
30 Dec, 2010
22.764 MB
Monkey Island Shootout
Again Michael Jhuhn "steals" a game created by Mark Pruett and modifies it by inserting the characters…
30 Dec, 2010
8.876 kB
Monkey Memory
Comeback after so many years, the legendary "Scabb Dude" with a brand new fangame on Monkey Island! Just…
26 Jan, 2011
48.497 kB
Monkey Resurrection / Monkey Ressurection / Monkey Island Returns
The author's name is Brian Joseph Kory. "MonkeyDang" is the pseudonym he used when he presented this…
29 Dec, 2010
46.723 MB
Mookey Island 1 - Junior
Short parody of Monkey Island, which for the occasion becomes "Mookey Island", and our hero "Gaybrash".…
30 Dec, 2010
1.351 MB
Mookey Island 2 - Dov'è Elane?
This time Nicole Peduzzi gives its best: this second episode is much better than the first one in almost…
30 Dec, 2010
12.915 MB
Murray on Planet Xmas
Nataly Eliyahu, using the nickname "GinnyW", participates in the monthly competition organized by the…
30 Dec, 2010
682.539 kB
Murrayball / Ultimate Murrayball
Ed, the owner of the English website "Legend of Monkey Island" and formerly of "", is also…
30 Dec, 2010
1.304 MB
Night of the Hermit
From a purely technical point of view, Roy Lazarovich is really great with the Adventure Game Studio…
31 Dec, 2010
50.298 MB
One-key StarWars One-keyStarWars(StarWars2005).zip
Another remake of the popular first game for Atari Star Wars, although with fewer Prestes, but more "fresh."…
24 May, 2011
1.519 MB
Perl Island
The pioneer of Italian fangames is back after a year or so, to introduce this new project fully realized…
11 Jan, 2011
53.503 MB
Pirates of Monkey Island of the Caribbean
Some time ago there were rumors about a possible transposition to film in the saga of Monkey Island.…
11 Jan, 2011
11.596 MB
Prisoner of Monkey Island / Escape from Big Whoop / Monkey Island 2,5 MonkeyIsland2,
Luigi Esposito, aka Gigi77, was obviously inspired by the fangame-project that "Scabb Dude" wanted to…
28 Dec, 2010
5.653 MB
Quest Fighter / Quest Fighter II
At the 1 April 2006, "Radiant" (aka "Mortal Wombat") prepare the first version of this "Beat'em up",…
11 Jan, 2011
3.923 MB
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Tanis)
To achieve this fangame, "Quo_sp" is working really hard! After seeing several failed attempts by many…
25 Oct, 2011
36.13 MB
Return to Monkey Island / Guybrush's Son
The genesis of this project is very complex: the 23 Jul 2005 was released the trailer for the game "Guybrush's…
12 Jan, 2011
62.916 MB
Sam & Max - Flintlocked! Sam&
The history of this fangame is quite bizarre, and therefore deserves to be told. In 2004, at the time…
12 Jan, 2011
13.656 MB
Sam & Max - Il caso Gilbert / The Gilbert case Sam&
The Italian team "Monkey Arts" among its components included a boy named Marco Masini (Mar85), which…
28 Mar, 2011
4.728 MB
Sam & Max - The road trip / The road trip Deluxe Sam&
MonkeyDashUnderscore ("Monkey-_"), aka Lewis Roll, is one of the earliest and most prolific fangamers…
13 Jan, 2011
512.019 kB
Save the monkey
MyMIPage is one of the 'historical' characters of the bunch of '', though he created only…
11 Jan, 2011
182.58 kB
We are the Star Wars universe, in this Italian game created by INM Arts and his leader Christian Nannipieri…
18 Mar, 2011
2.995 MB
Shadows of the Empire: Hunting the Hunter
In 2005, the demo of this game, still in preparation, has won all the prizes it could win as best AGS…
31 Mar, 2011
28.05 MB
Shai-la of the Sith - Cluedo / Investigation / L'enquete
Marion Poinsot (aka "Shai-la") is fantastic! This game is the realization of a very original idea for…
18 Mar, 2011
14.443 MB
Shai-la of the Sith / Shaila du sith
The talented Marion Poinsot engages herself with the Star Wars universe, creating this heroine named…
18 Mar, 2011
209.355 MB
Space fighter
Nice Star Wars "shooter" by Monkey-_! The task is to pilot the spacecraft against Drazils Enigma IV.…
16 Mar, 2011
254.817 kB
Star Wars (by Piou-piou) StarWars(byPioupiou).zip
In this game you have the opportunity to choose which side! At the beginning of the game you can choose…
12 Dec, 2011
1.03 MB
Star Wars - Ace and Commanders
This game is very special! The author, to my knowledge, is only known for the nickname, and so it's still…
16 Mar, 2011
3.496 MB
Star Wars - Blasters and Clones
Shooter game inspired by the adventures of Star Wars. The author of the forums also calls himself "Bralucs",…
13 Dec, 2011
39.29 MB
Star Wars - Blow'em up StarWars-Blow'
An infinite shooter to increase your skills! Fighters, bombers, interceptors, asteroids, missiles...…
26 Apr, 2011
5.719 MB
Star Wars - Era of Wars (Racing Arena)
"Era of Wars" is a Star Wars fangame based on simulation of war in space and adventure. This is a demo…
18 Mar, 2011
42.911 MB
Star Wars - Fleet Commander - Clone Wars
Chronologically, this adventure takes place between episodes II and III and the player is a Commander…
16 Mar, 2011
9.421 MB
Star Wars - Force awakening
12 years after the Battle of Endor, a young man of Corellia, Wyatt New, has heard of Luke Skywalker's…
10 Feb, 2011
1.011 MB
Star Wars - Proti Císari
Somewhere in the distant galaxy a bitter war rages. A group of rebels is trying to defeat the Galactic…
31 May, 2011
3.39 MB
Star Wars - Remake
Operation "Retro-Remakes"! This is a series of initiatives to recover the old games that are no longer…
31 Mar, 2011
12.175 MB
Star Wars - The Flight of Memories
The author's name is Alex Buirch and he is Italo-American. This fangame was made in 3D (thanks to the…
16 Mar, 2011
51.518 MB
Star Wars - The real beginning
Behind the name "Monkey Arts" this time lies Danilo Puce (Iena), which engages with a Star Wars adventure.…
16 Mar, 2011
19.942 MB
Star Wars - The Ultimate Battle
A fangame with 32 characters (plus two other secret ones) fighting against each other, and with different…
16 Mar, 2011
5.972 MB
Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: Coruscant Attack
DarthFALCO, author and leader of the team TMB Software, is a fan of the Star Wars saga, and in this game…
18 May, 2011
6.518 MB
Star Wars RPG
A funny RPG, being prepared by the author Andrew Moran (who has several nicknames), based on the universe…
22 Oct, 2011
1.27 MB
Star Wars Scroller
The mysterious author Alan Peplinski has created, in 2005, his platform inspired by the Star Wars saga.…
12 Dec, 2011
8.53 MB
Star Wars Snowtroopers Epic Adventure (Super stormtroopers ultimate secret espionage on Hoth)
From the author's note: "This game follows the story of a super clone in the Imperial Army who has been…
07 Dec, 2011
8.1 MB
Star Wars X-Wing
A nice shooting game with good graphics and easy controls. The author "JmanJman47" considers himself…
12 Dec, 2011
3.91 MB
Starfighter and the unturned clones
After making an extensive demo, the author in a short time also makes the full game for his really personal…
18 May, 2011
54.492 MB
Tentacle Island
Following another of the wacky experiments of Dr. Fred, the Maniac Mansion gang finds himself on Monkey…
19 Jan, 2011
2.071 MB
The adventures of Sherman Toothrot / Sherman Bragbone - a cupful of trouble
We are in 1647 and the game is set right through the historic events of the time. German friends of the…
02 May, 2011
282.068 MB
The Battle of Endor
Bruno R. Marcos is Spanish (from Seville), and is a big fan of the adventures of Star Wars. He is also…
28 Mar, 2011
38.28 MB
The Battle of Yavin
A 3D Star Wars shooter where you assume the role of Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Yavin! Fun in…
16 Mar, 2011
14.244 MB
The clone wars StarWarsTheCloneWars(manuel777).zip
Directly from the forum fan of Game Maker (YoYo Games Forum), Manuel Etchegaray releases this shooter…
16 Mar, 2011
3.89 MB
The Clone Wars - Asteroids
Dragić is the nickname of the leader of the Bluebird Designs, and apparently in addition to being a…
18 May, 2011
7.221 MB
The Devil's Triangle
Christopher Ushko, aka "DataDog", is considered a master of fangames because of this game and the also…
03 Nov, 2011
18.69 MB
The Empire strikes back (Remake by DanjoSoftware) StarWars-TheEmpireStrikesBack(2003).zip
Other "retro remake", this time by the author Danjo! A new version of the game for PC Atari 2600 on the…
24 May, 2011
638.139 kB
The empire strikes back (Remake by Minionsoft) StarWars-TheEmpireStrikesBack(MinionSoft).zip
Still, "Operation Retro Remake"! And again the MinionSoft deals with Star Wars, this time with the second…
03 Nov, 2011
46.81 MB
The Empire Sucks Ass
This is a demented parody of Star Wars! A tribute to 'South Park', where we play as 'Stan' at the Battle…
16 Mar, 2011
370.859 kB
The house of Clause
Germany, now we know, is the country that welcomes more video games and adventure games! In fact there…
01 Feb, 2011
7.012 MB
The lost chamber of Schloss Brundwald / The secret chamber of Schloss Brunwald
Although with a variable frequency, often the AGS forums organizes a sort of 'competition' among the…
19 Jan, 2011
1.262 MB
The Mistery of Big Whoop / Monkey Island 2,5 Project
Luca, the author, has never resigned to the lack of explanation for the final "surprise" of the beautiful…
26 Jan, 2011
1.08 MB
The mistery of Donkey Island / Tajemství Oslího ostrova
Two young boys from the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia), Jarek Kolář and Petr Vlček, were fond…
20 Jan, 2011
63.158 MB
The Murray game
Morten and Anders Hedegren, probably brothers, create this really cool arcade, where the "hero" is Murray,…
30 Dec, 2010
1.09 MB
The Mystery of Loony Island
What if Guybrush finds himself suddenly on a deserted island and must deal with the representative of…
19 Jan, 2011
7.598 MB
The new adventures of Zak McKraken
Fantastic LucasFanGames guys have churned out this game on Zak, one of many projects entitled "Zak McKraken…
19 Jan, 2011
8.397 MB
The raiders of the lost ark (Tribute Atari) RaidersOfTheLostArk(TributeAtari).zip
This remake is a tribute to the classic Atari 2600 game by Howard Scott Warshaw. Mark Stacy (aka "Malrak")…
24 Jan, 2011
6.636 MB
The real LeChuck's revenge
Would you like to be LeChuck? and take revenge on Guybrush, for all the misdeeds suffered? Here is an…
19 Jan, 2011
555.745 kB
The Ron Gilbert Picture Show
This time the hero of the moment is not a character LucasArts, but one of the best authors of the various…
19 Jan, 2011
5.309 MB
The Ron Gilbert's Christmas Challenge
As any true fan knows, Ron Gilbert is the creator of several characters in the LucasArts. In this case…
12 Jan, 2011
1.486 MB
The search of the Crystal Cursor / The window of the Crystal Cursor
The author's name is Mark and his nickname in the forum of "Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth"…
27 Jan, 2011
31.613 MB
The Secret of Brother Island / The secret of Brother Island Extreme
Jenny Hannula is one of the pioneers of international fangames, and she took her first steps from here,…
30 Nov, 2010
4.292 MB
The secret of Brother Island 2 - ZeBuck´s Revenge / ZeBuck´s Revenge Special Edition (intro)
After the huge success among fans of her former "Brother Island 1", the following year (1997) Jenny Hannula…
30 Nov, 2010
2.373 MB
The secret of Monkey Island - Prision Demo
A very nice demo: is it really necessary to use the brain to get out of the prison of Melee Island. There…
29 Dec, 2010
9.125 MB
The secret of Monkey Island 2
Captain Lechuckdran proudly presented his project on the pages of the old forum "Monkey Argentina." It…
27 Jan, 2011
2.152 MB
The secret of Monkey Island revealed / Monkey Island - The revelation / MI 2.5
We fans always ask ourselves: 'What is the true secret of Monkey Island?'. LucasArts has never really…
27 Dec, 2010
2.71 MB
The secret of Mount Monkey / Lorraine Threepwood and the curse of Tafkasomm
Sebastian Beloch (in art "Sebel") with Sascha Lindembaum "Skyhawk", had a fantastic idea: to make interact…
25 Oct, 2011
83.17 MB
The temple of the spheres
During the production of the game "the fountain of youth", the authors make this "surprise Christmas…
19 Jan, 2011
8.395 MB
The three area insults tournament
The insults sword-fighting to Monkey Island 1 has truly left its mark on the history of video games,…
19 Jan, 2011
4.747 MB
The voodoo of Monkey Island
The MoBRo is a team of two students who are big fans of the Monkey Island saga. They are making this…
19 Jan, 2011
5.747 MB
Threepwood's nightmare / Threepwood's dream
For the realization of his game "Prisoner of Monkey Island" Luigi Esposito needs colleagues, and waiting…
20 Jan, 2011
11.419 MB
Udoiana Raunes
The authors, two nice German boys, had fun creating this parody of the famous exploits of Indiana Jones.…
26 Apr, 2011
2 MB
Udoiana Raunes 2 - In search for the school discipline
The great success with their Udoiana Raunes, led the authors to improve it until it reaches version 1.3,…
26 Apr, 2011
2.664 MB
Udoiana Raunes 3 - In search for Indiana Jones 4
In 2005 there were already the "modern" Windows operating systems, but the authors have the same continued…
26 Apr, 2011
10.587 MB
War Stars (The search for a proper title)
Very nice parody of Star Wars! This play had participated in 2005 at the MAGS competition. Evidently…
18 May, 2011
1.124 MB
Where did Sam go?
Peder Johnsen gives us this very personal vision of our heroes, with a fangame not very challenging,…
26 Jan, 2011
1.293 MB
Wonder of Monkey Island
Danilo Puce (Iena), is the author of this adventure, in which we play Galahad, the son of Guybrush Threepwood,…
20 Jan, 2011
11.172 MB
Wonder of Monkey Island 2 - Dark Inheritance
Here we go again in the role of Galahad Threepwood, for this that would have been a sequel to "Wonder…
20 Jan, 2011
6.032 MB
Russian fans also are beginning to use the Adventure Game Studio. In this case the Russian forum has…
25 Oct, 2011
893.76 kB
Zak McKraken 0 - 50 Berkeley Square
Usually the Lucas fangames continue the fate of our favorite characters. In this case, the author imagines…
20 Jan, 2011
59.817 kB
Zak McKraken 2 - The Alien Rockstars
This project has the merit of being the first on a hypothetical sequel to Zak McKraken (the idea was…
20 Jan, 2011
25.269 MB
Zak McKraken 2: Between time and space / Zak McKraken forever / the Return to the Beginning of Time / Revenge of the Alien Mindbenders ZM2-BetweenTimeAndSpace(Demo2004).zip
There have been several projects for fangames (more or less) titled "Zak 2". The first (and then the…
14 Nov, 2011
22.75 MB
Zak McKraken and The lonely sea monster / Zak Mckracken et le monstre de mer / Zak Mckracken et la créature des profondeurs
This fangame is much awaited by fans, especially the ones of Zak Mckraken! The author announced this…
22 Dec, 2011
34.13 MB
Zeke McKracken and the Zany House
Brian Bagnall, author, circa 1989, realized this fangame inspired by the saga of Zak McKraken (Zeke,…
20 Jan, 2011
4.241 MB