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Night of the Hermit


From a purely technical point of view, Roy Lazarovich is really great with the Adventure Game Studio (the software that allows you to create graphic adventures amateur)! The first impression that this game offers is surely marvel of playability and functionality. Too bad that the puzzles become so complicated and cumbersome in the end a great game like this is likely to become heavy. Apart from this, the fangame is famous, even if the 'Monkey Island' has pretty much just the main character (and a few others). We have therefore Herman Toothrooth, who must prove his worth and his ability in an ultra-modern luxury hotel! Do you think the old Marley was uncomfortable? Think again and follow our hermit philosopher in this fantastic adventure! Upon release of this game, the author had also created a sort of competition to flush out all the "easter eggs" hidden: Let's have fun, guys!
AUTHOR: Roy Lazarovich
RELEASE: 10 Sept 2001
STATUS: Complete
WEB-SITE: of the hermit.txt&style=win95