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LEC Killer


LEC is an acronym that stands for "LucasArts Entertainment Company", and this game is very special. As fans know by now, LucasArts at some point in its history, has attracted the resentment of his own fans for a variety of reasons:
- the sending of cease and desist letters to force the closure of several fangames of that period (Fate of Monkey Island, Monkey Island episode IV, Legend of LeChuck... in fact even deliberately blocking new projects on the horizon, with consequences that still affect on projects that 'change' name only to not use the characters of the sagas Lucas);
- the cancellation of a number of highly anticipated projects such as Full Throttle 2, Sam & Max 2, Monkey Island 5, fossilized ONLY on the achievements of Star Wars.
A wave of anger has traveled all the fans, and some of the most ardent former supporters (who called themselves WWHS - Wibble Wobble Hat Stand), feeling 'betrayed', realized, as revenge, this 'fan' game (what to call it otherwise?), giving free vent to his 'frustration'.
Despite the reasons, this project consists of a series of funny mini-games.
AUTHOR: WWHS (Wibble Wobble Hat Stand)
COUNTRY: England
RELEASE: 24 Jun 2004
STATUS: Complete