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The mistery of Donkey Island / Tajemství Oslího ostrova


Two young boys from the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia), Jarek Kolář and Petr Vlček, were fond of videogames, but did not even have their personal computer. They therefore decided to use the PC at their school, to realize this, which is the first payment fangame in the history! And with the money earned? They have bought the computer! But most they have earned a reputation as makers of adventures and PC games, and still are famous in their homeland. They released two versions of this game: in addition to the classical one in Czech language ("Tajemství Oslího ostrova"), also a German version entitled "The Mystery of Donkey Island" (to be paid, too). Only recently the game was released freeware! Guybrush here becomes "Kay-Bush Triphut" and LeChuck "LeCheck".
AUTHOR: Pterodon Software
COUNTRY: Czech Republic
LANGUAGE: Czech, German
RELEASE: 20 Jun 1994
STATUS: Complete