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Guybrush and the River Dilemma

Uploaded: 02 Dec, 2010, 12:46
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This is one of the first fangames based on LucasArts adventures. AJ Plus (Michael Jhuhn) released one game after another, but all afre very short. The fangames of that period were mainly from the site 'Monkey Island Spectacular': a Swedish site, but with an international style! It brought together fangamers of different countries, and all were in the English language. It was edited by Tomas Mahlberg (also author of some mini-game) and a reference point for many fans of the time. On that site there was also taken the first steps for authors to skilfully carve out their own occupational areas (for example, Jenny Hannula and his StolleSoft). The author considers this game a 'demo', but is in effect a complete game.

AUTHOR: Michael Jhuhn (AJPLUS)
COUNTRY: Denmark
RELEASE: 21 Jan 1998
STATUS: Complete

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