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The secret of Mount Monkey / Lorraine Threepwood and the curse of Tafkasomm


Sebastian Beloch (in art "Sebel") with Sascha Lindembaum "Skyhawk", had a fantastic idea: to make interact all the characters of classic adventure games in this game very special! Not only the characters of LucasArts, but also Simon the Sorcerer appears in this game, which takes place some forty years after the events of Monkey Island. The protagonist of "The Secret of Mount Monkey" is the granddaughter of Guybrush, Lorraine Threepwood, which is called by Simon the Sorcerer, because the different "universes" are mixed, and must set things right... Were carried out two demos, the first in the 05 May 1998, the second on 04 Dec 2005, structured as if they were the first and second episode of the story (one is the sequel to the other). After this, everything has been called into question, and the authors have restarted from scratch! After some years the authors had different ideas to achieve the game, and so they divided. Skyhawk started another project with Visionaire called 'Lorraine Threepwood and the curse of Tafkasomm'. The graphic images advertised, music, everything was made in original, and the planning system is at the forefront, as demonstrated by the five demonstration video posted at the time. But regrettably after a few years twice the projects seemed lost... However in 2011 Sebel, surprisingly, released the final demo of all his work on "Mount Monkey"! Collected all his efforts in the implementation of the first chapter (and a little more). Unfortunately also states that it does not intend to continue to work, and within a few months also deletes the possibility to download his latest achievement. It was recovered just in time! Here for you ALL three demos!
AUTHOR: Sebel Interactive Entertainment
COUNTRY: Germany
RELEASE: 20 Jun 2011