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Monkey Resurrection / Monkey Ressurection / Monkey Island Returns


The author's name is Brian Joseph Kory. "MonkeyDang" is the pseudonym he used when he presented this work. Indeed, on other occasions, his nickname was "Zl1corvette", "Dr. Zaius", "Scorpio Games"', "BJRambo" and so on (it was hard to reconstruct his movements!). Not even he knows what is the right title of the game, since in the setup file is known as "Monkey Resurrection", but when it set up, the installation folder becomes "Monkey Ressurection" (with 2 S and 1 R), and finally in the game during the intro, you see the title "Monkey Island Returns". Beyond this, the game is really made in a 'bizarre' way, but does make some big laughs! This is a continuous NONSENSE, really MAD! LeChuck falls in love with ... Guybrush! and then... I recommend you play it, it's really hilarious! Chronologically should be at least after Monkey Island 4 for several reasons: first, there are some people seen in Monkey Island 3 (and Guybrush in the game recognizes them), but mainly because there appears CARLA that until MI4, was 'relegated' in Monkey Island (although the graphics 'ripped' belongs to Monkey Island 1). There is only Part 1. According to the credits, part 2 was being prepared, but obviously, given the 'warm' reception of the game by the forum IDLETHUMB (it seems that the author has been banned for some irregularities in the forum), everything was left there. It's a pity: this is a really 'original' fangame! Who knows how it would play out?
AUTHOR: MonkeyDang
RELEASE: 01 May 2005
STATUS: Incomplete