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Zak McKraken 2: Between time and space / Zak McKraken forever / the Return to the Beginning of Time / Revenge of the Alien Mindbenders


There have been several projects for fangames (more or less) titled "Zak 2". The first (and then the original) "Zak 2" was "The alien Rockstar", but around 2001 it seemed that this project had been abandoned. So two guys, "Marvel" and "Cydonia", from Germany, projected another Zak 2, this! The genesis of this game (lasting years!) goes through several changes to the title, calling from time to time "Zak McKraken Forever", "The Return to the Beginning of Time", "Revenge of the Alien Mindbenders", but in the end has been officially and definitively called "Between time and Space". At first it seemed that it was actually a sequel crossover between "Zak Mc Kraken" and "Maniac Mansion" together, idea then discarded, despite the many similarities between these two legendary LucasArts games. At the end of 2002 Cydonia had less time to devote to the project, and so Marvel assumed the role of team leader, until Cydonia had to definitely abandon the project in 2003. Marvel could so freely steer the game in new directions, bringing a breath of fresh air, which the output of the demo in 2004 (now almost impossible to find) and the subsequent use of 3D. The transition from 2D to 3D was not painless, but all the 2D graphics used up to that point was then used for another project entitled "Pit Porta - In Quest of the Amberroom". The idea is gaining consistency, and certainly the members of the team have spent a lot of work on the project. Finally, on 05 Apr 2008 is released this glorious fangame, that has nothing to envy to the official video games; it is even complete with a DVD box, but everything can be freely downloaded from the site of the game! Unfortunately, the full game is too heavy to be hosted here. To freely download it, you can click on the link below. Here we present the old demo of 13 Jul 2004.
AUTHOR: Artificial Hair Brothers
COUNTRY: Germany
RELEASE: 05 Apr 2008
STATUS: Complete (here there is the demo)