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Maniac Island 1 - The Mistery of Maniac Island


Starts here the famous trilogy of Maniac Island! Danilo Lapegna (aka 'VoodooMaster') challenges himself for the first time in a fangame, and hits the jackpot! With its culture of video games, comics, music and everything else, is able to create a captivating five-part saga ... but not happy with the storyline, shortly after he produced a remake of this game, but... DIFFERENT! The game is set during Monkey Island 2, to be precise shortly after the resurrection of LeChuck. At the time, chronologically in this game was the first appearance of Murray, but then our Spanish friends have decided to make 'Monkey Island 0 - Navidad', and then... In any case, it's definitely mouth-watering! Beware of bugs! AUTHOR: VoodooMaster
RELEASE: 19 May 2002
STATUS: Comlpete