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Monkey Island SE versione 3D

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MISE is an acronym which stands for Monkey Island Second Edition, and the author Antonio Milanese ("Alpha Centauri") had baptized his fangame taking a cue from the installation CD for Windows 98 SE. This game is the second edition of MISE, which previously had been done in 2D. During programming, Alpha had worked hard to study graphic design, and learning the tool 'The Games Factory', creating and making several technical innovations in the production of fangames. So he decided to abandon the 2D version of his game, to start all over again with new graphics in 3D. The original 2D incomplete version, was composed of two parts, the first of which is now unavailable and is feared to be lost. Another note in favor of Alpha with its works (for me), is credited with having made it clear that for these adventure games the 3D just does not work! Although the story is basically the same as the one of MISE 2D, we see that the script becomes more 'substantial'. Not so much as to meet the author, who also soon abandons this project. Funny the 'in-jokes' and references to other Lucas games. Strangely enough, an 'intro' to the second part was issued separately.
AUTHOR: Alpha Centauri
RELEASE: 14 Jul 2005
STATUS: Incomplete

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