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Carver Island 2 - Mrs. Rodriguez's Revenge

Uploaded: 29 Nov, 2010, 10:34
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Mrs. Rodriguez is back from the grave and wants revenge! Clearly, this Principal must have been really nasty to the poor Grundislav! Taking advantage of the school summer holidays, Francisco makes this sequel to his earlier Carver Island, this time with original graphics, and a story that is a bit more adult. From here Grundislav really began to take himself seriously as an author of games, and involves several other things outside of his passion for games of LucasArts. Its evolution in this direction led him initially to design a 'Carver Island 3' (for which was also created an extensive demo, sadly now no more available).

AUTHOR: Grundislav (Reef Productions)
RELEASE: 11 Aug 2001
STATUS: Complete

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