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Shai-la of the Sith / Shaila du sith

Uploaded: 18 Mar, 2011, 08:37
Size: 209.355 MB
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The talented Marion Poinsot engages herself with the Star Wars universe, creating this heroine named Shai-La, and this game, that had great resonance in France. Despite this, the author was not satisfied with the result, and has lifted his game from the net! The reason for this is that she wanted to do a better version, because (she said) the game was "impersonal". In fact, shortly thereafter, thanks to the help of some friends of the French AGS forum, comes out with a new demo and a little later with the full game, a true masterpiece! Since then, Marion Poinsot started using the nickname "Shai-La" in the various forums in which she participates regularly.
LANGUAGE: French, English
RELEASE: 17 Jul 2009
STATUS: Complete

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