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Insults of Monkey Island


"Ed" is the curator of the site "" and the leader of the team called "Lucas' Fan Art Games" (not to be confused with LucasFanGames, another glorious group of fangamers). The team for this game was joined, in addition to Ed, by Monkey-_, Vaderman, Murray, and Fester. The game is a nice play, but technically primitive and also contains some bugs. On the Internet it is stated that there are two "Easter Eggs", one of which is a test for another game, "MI 2.5: The Plunder years" (by Ed) that was never completed. I have not been able to find anything about it! Also in the game there's nothing to "control". There are no animations, only the pictures ripped from Monkey Island 1, all playing according to the choice of insults and answers.
AUTHOR: Lucas' Fan Art Games
COUNTRY: England
RELEASE: 13 Feb 2002
STATUS: Complete