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Murrayball / Ultimate Murrayball


Ed, the owner of the English website "Legend of Monkey Island" and formerly of "", is also a fangamer, and with its friends had occurred in a variety of fungames. His is the idea of the first version of this Murrayball (1.1), famous among fans. The idea was taken from Monkey Island 4, where at some point, if Guybrush says "Murrayball" there is a "game within the game" and you can amuse using Murray as a ball until you decide to return to the main adventure. The game is a classic arkanoid handled with keyboard commands. A short time later, another boy of the "Amoeba Productions" (Chris "Murray" Greenhill) really wants to improve this game and creates an initial version 1.2, mysteriously lost by the same author, and finally the version 1.3, called "Ultimate Murrayball", where you can use the mouse much more comfortably. Even the audio commentary of the two versions is different.
AUTHOR: Amoeba Productions
COUNTRY: England
RELEASE: 14 Dec 2001
STATUS: Complete