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MI-2 LeChuck's Revenge / The devil's triangle 2


It was the time when at cinema was broadcast the movie "MI-2"(where "MI" stands for "Mission Impossible"). Christopher Ushko appropriates the title, adapting it to the Monkey Island saga (though originally the project was known as "The devil's triangle 2"). He creates this parody, that is one of the most acclaimed in the world of fangames. Continuous references to movies, other games, the music scene and much more! All this in five parts, the last of which is composed of a range of about 10 different endings! This fangame has had several attempts at translation in other languages​​: the first part was translated into Italian. Pakolmo, who had previously translated into Spanish by the same author "The devil's triangle", had also made ​​a commitment to translate this game. It was therefore taken the liberty of extracting a "demo" from the first chapter (which therefore exists only in Spanish), but while he was with the rest of the translation, began to arrive several letters C & D by LucasArts, and author Christopher Ushko, to avoid trouble, has imposed on Pakolmo to interrupt his work. As a gift for fans of Spanish language, here there's the Spanish demo and the part 1 prepared by Pakolmo, and for the Italian ones, the part 1 made by Neclea, AndyWinXP and Zum, too!
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish (Demo + Part 1), Italian (Part 1)
RELEASE: 10 May 2002
STATUS: Complete