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Day of the Alien - Tentacles Ate My Babysitter!


The creative team over the years has changed names several times (and probably components). In fact, over time it has became known as 'Ridgway films / Demented Games / LucasKeen', in this case they are signed as 'The new moonsidianx'. The leader of the various teams has always remained, however: 'BrushGuy' (Elliott Ridgway), and is still active in the LucasArts fan community. BrushGuy, besides being a great fan of the LucasArts adventures, is also an admirer of the adventures of 'Commander Keen', and several of his fangame elements are in fact inspired by this character. Therefore it is natural for him to have created the 'crossover' between two worlds! This game is in fact a crossover between the adventures of Commander Keen and the Day of the Tentacle (and the title is modelled on a famous film of the time). This adventure, though full, then followed up in another fangame of BrushGuy, this time starring Guybrush, called 'Goodbye Monkey Island'.

AUTHOR: The new moonsidianx
RELEASE: 06 Oct 2002
STATUS: Complete