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Maniac Island 3 - L'ultima avventura di LeChuck / Last LeChuck's Adventure


And this concludes the Maniac Island trilogy, much shorter than the other "chapters", as it consists of a single party. Also in this case was made a remake, but also a trailer that precedes the publication of the actual game! When the fangame came out, the story has changed from what said in the trailer. But it is still a good starter. As for 'Last LeChuck's Adventure', VoodooMaster (nee Danilo Lapegna), following the new skills acquired (probably thanks to the 'discovery' of the new version of the GF, the Multimedia Fusion), put his hand back to his masterpiece, creating this "new" fangame. In fact it does not add much to the saga of "Maniac Island", but it is a pleasure to note the technical upgrading of Lapegna. There are two versions: a "alpha", incomplete, but more feature-rich, and a "beta" more linear, but complete! Some time after the conclusion of the saga, VoodooMaster produced a CD collecting all his work on this fantastic saga, also full of music, graphics and articles published.
AUTHOR: VoodooMaster
RELEASE: 18 Dec 2002 (Alpha 11 Apr 2007, Beta 28 Sept 2005)
STATUS: Complete