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The Secret of Brother Island / The secret of Brother Island Extreme


Jenny Hannula is one of the pioneers of international fangames, and she took her first steps from here, with her passion for Monkey Island. She had her first games on the glorious website 'Monkey Island Spectacular', and since then has risen to continued success: now she works as a creator of video games for children.

In this parody, we see 'Always Plywood' that must contend with the evil 'ZeBuck'... It's all a sequence of fun mini-games that accompany us throughout the adventure. It was released in 1996, and Jenny was the first to successfully include the voices of the characters in their game . And you know what? Still she was not even satisfied with the result! In fact, in 1998, along with MonkeyGames, she released a new and improved version of her game!

AUTHOR: StolleSoft & MonkeyGames
RELEASE: 13 Jul 1996
STATUS: Complete