All the questions (well, some of them) sent off to people who work at LucasArts, or did work at LucasArts and now have their own companies doing LucasArts type things. With computer games!

A New Adventure for Double Fine
Robert Betancourt heads over to Double Fine to talk with Brad Muir about Massive Chalice.
05 Jun, 2013
A Peter McConnell Interview
While at E3 2003 we got the chance to talk it up with Peter McConnell, the composer behind the soundtracks to Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, the upcoming Psychonauts, and more. As an added bonus, we've got three pieces of music from Psychonauts for you to enjoy.
16 Nov, 2003
Aaron Giles Interview
Around the time ScummVM hit the scene, a programmer named Aaron Giles wrote official updates to all the DOS-based SCUMM games so that they could run properly on Windows XP. In response, the brain trust running the studio proceeded to: do largely nothing with them. Twenty years later we speak to Aaron about updating SCUMM, the benefits/risks of leaving custodianship and preservation to fans, and the chronic apathy of a studio toward their own classics that makes those compromised efforts necessary.
28 Mar, 2022
An Interview with Pedro Macedo Camacho
Rest a few measures and enjoy our symphonic interrogation of the talented composer behind Autumn Moon's adventure games.
14 Feb, 2012
An Interview With Simon Jeffery - E3 2002
In one of the dark LucasArts E3 private rooms, three Mojo staffers were brought in blindfolded. Upon lifting the blindfold, LucasArts President Simon Jeffery and Public Relations Manager Tom Sarris stood before us. They demanded that we ask them questions. This is our story.
30 May, 2002
Anson Jew Interview
Jason badgered Anson Jew with some questions about Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix in preparing for his big retrospective on the game. The Q&A is presented here in its raw form for posterity.
13 Jul, 2016
Bay Area Sound Interview
We interview the audio wizards who have had a hand in more Mojo-relevant games than one can list.
07 Mar, 2010
Bay Area Sound Interview, the Sequel
A cool eleven years after our last chat and with the restraining order expired, we catch up with Julian Kwasneski and Jared Emerson-Johnson of Bay Area Sound to talk Sam & Max and more.
06 Apr, 2021
Bill Eaken Interview
Bill Eaken worked as a lead conceptual designer on Fate of Atlantis and had a major impact on the art of The Dig. Now find out more about the illustrator behind so much great art for LucasArts games!
31 Aug, 2000
Bill Tiller at Autumn Moon Entertainment, 2007
During GDC week (March 2007), we visited Bill Tiller at his company, Autumn Moon Entertainment. We talked about A Vampyre Story, adventure games, and Lord of the Rings. You may know Bill Tiller as the inventor of clouds.
23 Apr, 2007
Bill Tiller at Autumn Moon Entertainment, 2010
With Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island out the door and a sequel to A Vampyre Story underway, Autumn Moon Entertainment is doing their part to revitalize old-school adventure games. With the English release of Ghost Pirates soon to arrive, we probe Bill Tiller about the past, present, and future of his studio, a motley crew of fellow ex-LucasArts graphic adventure heroes.
05 Feb, 2010
Bill Tiller Chat '07
We had a Christmassy/New Years chat in #monkey-island, and we invited Bill Tiller around for the festivities! As well as being more lovely than a teddy bear, Tiller has also worked on classic LucasArts adventures like The Curse of Monkey Island, and at the time of this chat, was about to unleash A Vampyre Story on the world. Excitement!
11 Jan, 2008
Bill Tiller Talks Duke Grabowski and More
We interview Bill just before the release of Duke Grabowski's first episode. He talks his latest game and catches us up on what he's been up to for the last several years. Exclusive screenshots included!
04 Oct, 2016
Bombad Racing Interview
A great interview with Michael McCormick, Project leader for Super Bombad Racing
24 Nov, 2000
Clint Bajakian Interview
This vintage interview with the composer from the archives of iMuse Island took place shortly after the release of Escape from Monkey Island.
16 Apr, 2022
Clint Bajakian Talks Emperor's Tomb
The inside scoop on Emperor's Tomb's orchestral score
10 Oct, 2002
Daniel "Wolk" Strandberg Interview
This vintage interview with the composer of the fan-made Zak McKracken sequel from the archives of iMuse Island took place in late 2000.
17 Apr, 2022
Dave Grossman at LucasArts
Writer/Designer/Programmer Dave Grossman is one of the lesser known names behind LucasArts adventures. Read more about the man who co-wrote Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 and co-designed Day of the Tentacle.
01 Jan, 1998
Dave Grossman at Telltale
When I was around at Telltale's office, way back in the spring of two thousand and seven, I managed to win an interview with Dave Grossman, who was kindly inclined to acquiesce to my request. What follows is short but pleasurable.
29 Mar, 2007
Douglas Crockford Interview
Originally published on "The Maniac Mansion Fan Site", this Q&A with Douglas Crockford (known for his article about the frustration of working with Nintendo's censorship standards) about all things Maniac Mansion NES is now preserved on Mojo.
18 Apr, 2020
Gary Winnick Interview
An exclusive interview with Maniac Mansion co-project leader and lead artist, Gary Winnick. Read as we [cattle] prod Gary's brain about his past with LucasArts, the making of a classic adventure game, and... Maniac Mansion 3? Well, sort of.
21 Aug, 2001
HappyGiant Interview
Mojo demands answers from the familiar talents behind the upcoming Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual. Example question: Can we even play it?
26 Mar, 2021
Interview with Ron Gilbert
Mojo talks to LucasArts legend, Monkey Island creator and co-author Ron Gilbert. We learn about about Gilbert's past work at LucasArts and Humongous, his new company, Hulabee Entertainment, why he makes games for kids, and more.
11 Jun, 2002
Interview with Simon Jeffery
Mixnmojo interviews Simon Jeffery, President of LEC and gets his thoughts on the gaming industry.
23 Sep, 2000
Jeff Kliment Interview
This vintage interview with the manager of the LucasArts sound department from the archives of iMuse Island took place in the fall of 2003.
16 Apr, 2022
Jesse Harlin and Wilbert Roget Interview
Two sound guys from LucasArts talk about Lucidity and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition.
04 Mar, 2011
Jesse Harlin Interview
We grill LucasArts' Music Man about the new music in Monkey Island: how he did it, why he did it, and what he ate for breakfast that morning.
16 Jun, 2009
Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern look back on 25 years of CMI
The project leaders of The Curse of Monkey Island game share their memories with Mojo for the twenty-fifth anniversary.
10 Jul, 2022
Julian Stamboulieh Interview
Mixnmojo interviews Tales of Melee Island director Julian Stamboulieh.
31 Dec, 2022
Levine & Ahern Interview
We grill Larry and Mike, who together have worked on many wonderful games from the classic days of LucasArt's yore, and are nowadays (in 2008) working on Insecticide. We find out more about the Insect-em-up action adventure, as well as information about those golden LucasArts days. For the Shire!
06 Feb, 2008
Limited Run Games: Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Interview
When Limited Run Games announced a Monkey Island 30th anniversary box set, we had a few urgent questions. They were kind enough to answer them!
23 Oct, 2020
LucasArts Speaks
The cancellation of Sam & Max 2 was the 9/11 of the LucasArts fan community: but now the Obama administration is in office, and matters are dealt with differently now. In theory, at least.
02 Aug, 2009 20th Anniversary Developer Profiles
As part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the studio, interviewed five of their veteran developers in 2002 and published the results as a series of profiles. Nearly two decades later, Mojo shamelessly loots this long-defunct material for preservation purposes.
01 Aug, 2020
Matthew Smith Interview
Because we’re one big happy web-site community and Mojo is the metaphorical grand-daddy of said family who holds everyone together and gives the grandchildren worthers originals and is quietly going insane in the corner, we decided to give our hosted sites some much needed loving. First in the series was this, an abominable collection of lies told beautifully.
13 Sep, 2005
Michael Land Interview Round-up
This man has worked on many great LucasArts soundtracks, such as the Monkey Island games and The Dig. We ask him about his days at LucasArts, and what the future holds for game music in general.
01 Jan, 1998
Peter McConnell Interview
This vintage interview with the composer from the archives of iMuse Island took place in the fall of 2003.
17 Apr, 2022
Reeve Thompson
The Mixnmojo community interviews Reeve Thompson, producer of Hal Barwood's upcoming game, RTX Red Rock.
09 Jan, 2003
Rex Crowle talks Return to Monkey Island
Marius snags the art director of Return to Monkey Island for a last second interview, hours before the game's release. We insist on only the freshest material for you.
18 Sep, 2022
Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick interrogated about Thimbleweed Park
Jason and Remi put them against the wall.
21 Nov, 2014
Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman talk Return to Monkey Island
We let the beloved titans have it after they selfishly dashed Mixnmojo’s hopes of retirement with a new Monkey Island game.
14 Sep, 2022
Ron Gilbert Interview
Kroms interviews Ron Gilbert after the release of the first DeathSpank.
04 Sep, 2010
Sean Howard Interview
Kroms interviews Deathspank dialogue writer Sean Howard.
19 Feb, 2011
Straandlooper Speaks
And we listen.
03 Jun, 2011
Telltale Games
Telltale Games have a lot of ex LucasArts employees in their ranks, making a new company that has a lot of experience talent. We sent off some questions to find out how they tick.
14 Aug, 2006
The Curse of Monkey Island Retro Interview Bonanza
A lot of information -- and text -- in one place.
27 Jul, 2023
The Mondo Vintage Bill Tiller Interview
Travel back in time and enjoy this decades-old Bill Tiller interview.
26 Jul, 2023
The Unabridged History of Sam & Max 2 Interview Round-up
As part of the research that went into our monstrous Sam & Max: Freelance Police article, we conducted new Q&As with various members of the team. They are presented here as a standalone interviews.
15 Dec, 2020
Traveller's Tales
This hot British games developer surprised everyone when they made the Lego Star Wars video game that was actually the best Star Wars game ever made (may be a slight exaggeration). Then, a few years later, they did it again, with a sequel. And next they?re going to weave their Lego magic on Indiana Jones. It?s going to be the best game ever made, probably.
18 Aug, 2007