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All the questions (well, some of them) sent off to people who work at LucasArts, or did work at LucasArts and now have their own companies doing LucasArts type things. With computer games!
1 A New Adventure for Double Fine

Updated: 05 Jun, 2013

Robert Betancourt heads over to Double Fine to talk with Brad Muir about Massive Chalice.

2 An Interview with Pedro Macedo Camacho

Updated: 14 Feb, 2012

Rest a few measures and enjoy our symphonic interrogation of the talented composer behind Autumn Moon's adventure games.

3 Anson Jew Interview

Updated: 13 Jul, 2016

Jason badgered Anson Jew with some questions about Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix in preparing for his big retrospective on the game. The Q&A is presented here in its raw form for posterity.

4 Bay Area Sound Interview

Updated: 07 Mar, 2010

We interview the audio wizards who have had a hand in more Mojo-relevant games than one can list.

5 Bill Tiller at Autumn Moon Entertainment, 2007

Updated: 23 Apr, 2007

During GDC week (March 2007), we visited Bill Tiller at his company, Autumn Moon Entertainment. We talked about A Vampyre Story, adventure games, and Lord of the Rings. You may know Bill Tiller as the inventor of clouds.

6 Bill Tiller at Autumn Moon Entertainment, 2010

Updated: 05 Feb, 2010

With Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island out the door and a sequel to A Vampyre Story underway, Autumn Moon Entertainment is doing their part to revitalize old-school adventure games. With the English release of Ghost Pirates soon to arrive, we probe Bill Tiller about the past, present, and future of his studio, a motley crew of fellow ex-LucasArts graphic adventure heroes.

7 Bill Tiller Chat '07

Updated: 11 Jan, 2008

We had a Christmassy/New Years chat in #monkey-island, and we invited Bill Tiller around for the festivities! As well as being more lovely than a teddy bear, Tiller has also worked on classic LucasArts adventures like The Curse of Monkey Island, and at the time of this chat, was about to unleash A Vampyre Story on the world. Excitement!

8 Bill Tiller Talks Duke Grabowski and More

Updated: 04 Oct, 2016

We interview Bill just before the release of Duke Grabowski's first episode. He talks his latest game and catches us up on what he's been up to for the last several years. Exclusive screenshots included!

9 Jesse Harlin and Wilbert Roget Interview

Updated: 04 Mar, 2011

Two sound guys from LucasArts talk about Lucidity and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition.

10 Jesse Harlin Interview

Updated: 16 Jun, 2009

We grill LucasArts' Music Man about the new music in Monkey Island: how he did it, why he did it, and what he ate for breakfast that morning.

11 Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick interrogated about Thimbleweed Park

Updated: 21 Nov, 2014

Jason and Remi put them against the wall.

12 Ron Gilbert Interview

Updated: 04 Sep, 2010

Kroms interviews Ron Gilbert after the release of the first DeathSpank.

13 Sean Howard Interview

Updated: 19 Feb, 2011

Kroms interviews Deathspank dialogue writer Sean Howard.

14 Straandlooper Speaks

Updated: 03 Jun, 2011

And we listen.

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