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Bounty Hunter


Presentation by the author: "Bounty Hunter PC is a First-Person Shooter game based on the popular Star Wars character, Jango Fett. In this game you take control of the infamous Fett, the best bounty hunter in the universe, as he attempts to claim a bounty on a high-ranking official, Turnac Malscrov. Turnac oversees the manufacturing of liquid explosives in a remote factory on the planet of Throsentia in far reaches of the Outer Rim. Jango has infultrated the compound by assuming a fake identity and becoming hired by the very man he is trying to kill. As he waits for the opportune moment to take out Turnac, one of the workers recognizes Jango and reports him. Jango has just enough time to retrieve his blasters before the factory is put on full allert. And that is where you take controll of him. Lucky for you, Malscrov is wanted dead. Happy hunting."
AUTHOR: Spartan117John
RELEASE: 14 Jan 2008
STATUS: Complete