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Bobbin of Lucasley


MonkeyDashUnderscore had a brilliant idea! Use all the characters from LucasArts, to recreate (in the style of an adventure game) the story of Robin Hood! Apart from the graphics being a bit... "primitive"... the story is a pleasure! In the context of the adventure, it fits well across a series of mini-games, to make it fun (and more difficult) on the whole. The game is nice and fun, and once again demonstrates the author's technical skill and versatility in the use of The Games Factory tool. An interesting note: there was a project of an Italian translation of this game. In fact the Italian Danilo Puce has put his hands on it, completing the translation of the first part. Then it mysteriously stopped everything.

AUTHOR: Monkey-_Studios
COUNTRY: England
LANGUAGE: English - Italian (part 1)
RELEASE: 24 May 2003
STATUS: Complete