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Return to Monkey Island / Guybrush's Son


The genesis of this project is very complex: the 23 Jul 2005 was released the trailer for the game "Guybrush's son", a short film where the author, Francesco "Everything" Biscuso, advertises his work for a new fangame on Monkey Island. This game is set chronologically later in time than the other, so much so that the project was the adventure of the son of Guybrush! Ironically, the author pointed out that to realize the game it would take YEARS! Certainly at that time he was joking, but it was prophetic! A few months later, on 29 Aug 2006, he made even a playable demo, very nice, where you begin to unravel what was to be part of the plot in outline. Since then the project has been modified, adapted and updated, and has been abandoned the idea of the son of Guybrush. Everything changes even the title of the game: now it's "Return to Monkey Island", not to be confused with many other projects with the same title! Francesco delight us, on 18 Feb 2009, with the first long-awaited 'official' demo of this game: amazing! Sure, there are bugs, flaws, so many things to fix, but overall it is a real gem! Despite some criticism, he still works under the name "FrankArts", his team, with other friends: Sergio Greco, Riccardo Messori, Danilo Puce, Mattia Pozzuoli, Andrea Boscarino and Niccolò Cesari. On 24 Feb 2009 the team releases a new version of the demo to date and correct. Subsequently, the original creator Francesco Biscuso leaves the team for personal reasons. We miss him, but the team who had built works great, and the project continues under the direction of Sergio Greco ("Sgreco") and under the new name "Red Monkey". On 08 Sept 2009 is released another demo (version 2.0), and the 10 Sept 2009 the version 2.1, extended and modified from the original. The cuts made are not definitive because they will be reused for the final version of the full game. Time passes and the creation of the game progresses more and more strongly: the first part of the adventure is completed, which is presented, the 24 Dec 2009, with a demo even richer and more technically advanced thanks to the new version of the AGS. The work should proceed apace: good luck, guys!
AUTHOR: Everything / FrankArts / Red Monkey
RELEASE: 24 Dec 2009