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Read all about wacky Mojo adventures as well as scolding in-depth articles here. Well, maybe not "scolding" or "in-depth", but you get the idea.
1 2010: A Review

Updated: 03 Jan, 2011

A look back on the year 2010 with polls.

2 2011: A Review

Updated: 28 Dec, 2011

A review of 2011 and the result of our polls.

3 2012: A review

Updated: 31 Dec, 2012

Wait, didn't we write something like this a year ago?

4 2013: A Review

Updated: 30 Dec, 2013

2013, how was it?

5 2016: A Review

Updated: 26 Dec, 2016

It… was a year, alright.

6 2017: A Review

Updated: 28 Dec, 2017

Brexit, Trump, and we turned 20.

7 Be Grateful to Telltale

Updated: 17 Nov, 2014

Jason thinks adventure fans need a reality check when it comes to what the successful studio owes them. (Hint: nothing)

8 Excerpts from the Slack: Psychonauts 2 Trailer Reactions

Updated: 14 Dec, 2018

A chat log from the Mojo admin Slack channel documenting staffers' reactions to the Psychonauts 2 trailer.

9 Firewatch Revisited

Updated: 17 Sep, 2017

We go back to the woods, asking ourselves: “Were we right?” (Of course we were!)

10 Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix: The Lost Sequel to Fate of Atlantis

Updated: 09 Jul, 2016

A look at the cancelled follow-up to Fate of Atlantis, under development at LucasArts from 1993-1995.

11 Insecticide: What the Hell Happened There?

Updated: 10 Jul, 2018

We harassed Mike Levine and Larry Ahern until they gave us all the dirty laundry on their...beleaguered 2008 game, the only release from their label Crackpot Entertainment.

12 LucasArts' Secret History: Day of the Tentacle

Updated: 13 Oct, 2008

Grossman and Schafer's directorial debuts.

13 LucasArts' Secret History: Escape from Monkey Island

Updated: 23 Feb, 2010

LucasArts' last adventure game until market realities hit.

14 LucasArts' Secret History: Full Throttle

Updated: 25 Jan, 2009

Tim Schafer jumps on a bike and gives us Full Throttle.

15 LucasArts' Secret History: Grim Fandango

Updated: 30 Aug, 2009

Tim Schafer's last game for LucasArts might be his best.

16 LucasArts' Secret History: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Updated: 01 Sep, 2008

Some might feel this was a better fit for Indy than crystal skulls were.

17 LucasArts' Secret History: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Updated: 22 Apr, 2008

Ron Gilbert whips SCUMM one step further with this Indy game.

18 LucasArts' Secret History: Loom

Updated: 29 May, 2008

Screw verbs; let's ROCK those puzzles instead!

19 LucasArts' Secret History: Maniac Mansion

Updated: 29 Jan, 2008

A young stallion named 'Ron Gilbert' springs onto the scene.

20 LucasArts' Secret History: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Updated: 04 Aug, 2008

Quite possibly the best sequel to have happened to anybody ever.

21 LucasArts' Secret History: Sam & Max Hit the Road

Updated: 08 Dec, 2008

After numerous LucasArts cameos, the duo finally gets their own game.

22 LucasArts' Secret History: The Curse of Monkey Island

Updated: 21 May, 2009

The first Monkey Island sequel sans Ron Gilbert, and one that spawned a new generation of fans at that.

23 LucasArts' Secret History: The Dig

Updated: 10 Mar, 2009

The game that probably literally ate project leaders finally was released with Sean Clark at the helm.

24 LucasArts' Secret History: The Secret of Monkey Island

Updated: 30 Jun, 2008

The game responsible for this site. We think it's OK.

25 LucasArts' Secret History: Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Updated: 09 Mar, 2008

Remember when LucasArts liked adventure games? Jason does, and so he took a trip back in time.

26 Mojo will remember that: A look at Games that out-TTGs TTG

Updated: 29 Sep, 2017

Games that out-TTGs TTG.

27 Mojo's Most Liked Games

Updated: 30 Sep, 2017

We turn 20, you voted, we report.

28 Mojo: 10 Years and Counting

Updated: 09 Oct, 2013

In 1997, Gabez wrote an article looking back at ten years of Mojo. He also made us all look bad, though that might have been somewhat appropriate.

29 Monkey Island: From EGA to VGA

Updated: 31 Oct, 2018

elTee deep dives into unchartered waters.

30 PAX East 2016

Updated: 21 Aug, 2016

Jennifer went to PAX! Read all about it!

31 Planet of the Pop Culture References

Updated: 01 Sep, 2011

The inspirations for the Falstein, Moriarty, and Clark versions of The Dig.

32 Return to Double Fine

Updated: 05 Aug, 2002

For the second year in a row, Mojo gets the grand circle tour of Double Fine Productions, home of Tim Schafer and his gang. Unlike our first visit, this time we actually knew what game they were working on (Psychonauts), and were graced by the additional presence of LucasArts legend Dave Grossman.

33 Running GOG Escape from Monkey Island under Wine on macOS

Updated: 23 Jun, 2018

Yes, you can play EMI on the Mac. Kind of.

34 Still Lost in a Theme Park

Updated: 06 Dec, 2014

Or: How the post-Gilbert Monkey Island games understood the infamous subtext better than you think

35 The Kinda, Sorta, But Not Really Secret History of Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Updated: 03 May, 2011

All the dirt in one place.

36 The Maniac Mansion TV Show: At a Glance

Updated: 04 Aug, 2010

A look at the TV show based on the Lucasarts adventure game.

37 Tim Schafer Should Never Stop Making Video Games

Updated: 30 Mar, 2012

Jason gets cheesed off by an opinion article on CHUD that states the opposite, and states his own opinion.

38 Trip to Double Fine

Updated: 29 Jul, 2001

We visit Tim Schafer at his new company: Double Fine Productions.

39 What the Hell is Wrong with LucasArts?

Updated: 03 May, 2011

Remember what happened on March 3rd, 2004? No? Well, here's a reminder on that dark day in LucasArts history.

40 When did Indiana Jones become a cult game series?

Updated: 17 Apr, 2013

I mean honestly.

41 Willow Looks Great, And Your Movie Doesn’t

Updated: 12 Dec, 2018

Modern fantasy/adventure movies look considerably worse than the thirty-year-old Willow, and Jason is pissed about it. We decided to let him air out his long-incubating grievances in this editorial, because at least this way he’s not hurting anybody.

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