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Monkey Island 0 - The begin


Perhaps this is really the most mythical of the Italian fangames! Ooops... maybe I exaggerated, calling it so, as the young Michele Giardi is not really "Italian", but from the Republic of San Marino. In this game you can see the essence of what it means to be a FAN! Novice author, 'MightyPirate' mixes his inexperience with his enthusiasm, and though in this game there are many problems of 'technical' nature, the joy and freshness of the game transpire everywhere. Also there is a continuous improvement until the end, in the fifth part. During realization, this 'MI-0' risked to be abandoned several times; it was also paused for months! But in the end the good MightyPirate has made an effort, and has completed this project, which can be well defined a milestone in the history of Italian fangame. Do not miss!
AUTHOR: MightyPirate
COUNTRY: San Marino
RELEASE: 03 Nov 2003
STATUS: Complete