We never get preview copies anymore, probably because we always forget to ask for them. But occasionally we get our squinty pig eyes on a screenshot and write our wild assumptions away in previews! Oh the pain.

E3 2002: Bounty Hunter Preview (GC, PS2)
E3 has revealed the following: If you're an adventure game purist who loves puzzles, then this game will not appeal to you at all. However, if you enjoy a game that's all action (and maybe fun), then you would probably get some satisfaction out of Bounty Hunter.
27 May, 2002
E3 2002: Gladius Preview (GC, PS2, XBox)
We got an early look at LucasArts' upcoming RPG at this year's E3 expo. Sarah McKeever shares her opinion of the demo in her first impressions writeup.
27 May, 2002
E3 2002: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Preview (PS2, PC)
Through such critically successful games as Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis, people have enjoyed stepping into Indy's shoes and adventuring all over the world. The previous third-person game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, drew mixed reactions from fans and critics. With that in mind, reviewer Andrew Langley shares his thoughts on Indy's latest, The Emperor's Tomb.
29 May, 2002
E3 2002: Psychonauts Preview (XBox)
Some guy in a hallway at E3 said, "Psst! You wanna see a crazy new game?" As it turned out, that guy was Tim Schafer, and that game was the very impressive Psychonauts.
27 May, 2003
E3 2002: RTX Red Rock Preview (GC, PS2)
RTX producer Reeve Thompson gives us a tour of Hal Barwood's upcoming action adventure. It's set in Mars, and the main guy's nickname is "EZ." It looks cool, though.
28 May, 2002
E3 2002: The Clone Wars Preview (GC, PS2)
After getting a brief look at The Clone Wars at E3 2002, Jake got completely hooked. Well, he would be completely hooked if he weren't still recovering from Battle for Naboo. Read this preview to find out why The Clone Wars might be worth your time and cash.
28 May, 2002
E3 2003: Full Throttle II Preview (PC, PS2, Xbox)
“Well Ben is back, and he's badder than ever! Because now we've got 3D!”
25 May, 2003
E3 2003: Sam & Max 2 Preview
Our Sam & Max: Freelance Police first look. And, as it would be, a last look, what with the game's cancellation and all.
28 May, 2003
E3 2003: Wrath Unleashed Preview (PS2, Xbox)
Originally unpublished due to the unfortunate, month-long downtime of 2003, Mojo's preview has been dusted off for your belated enjoyment.
25 May, 2003
E3 2009: Tales of Monkey Island Preview
Jeff Moeller travelled to the mystical land of "E3" to rape, pillage and murder in the name of Mojo. He also played some computer games, including the new Monkey Island series from Telltale!
04 Jun, 2009
E3 2009: The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Preview
LucasArts shocked the world when it announced a return to their glorious past: to be precise, a return to The Secret of Monkey Island. This version has new graphics, voices, and music, and has lots of colours, and dancing, and gay times.
12 Jun, 2009
Lego Indiana Jones
We travelled to London to play a level of Indiana Jones, as well as to look at the British Museum and stalk Sylvester McCoy. This is our first preview since Spaff foretold the destruction of the world back in the winter of ’98.
23 Mar, 2008
Massive Chalice: A first look
Hey, a preview?! We do those now and again!
20 Nov, 2014
Memories of e3 2009
LucasArts made a glorious return to their roots; Double Fine showcased their new Rock 'n' Roll game; in an alley-way in the slums of Cairo, a seven year old boy cried for the loss of his favourite toy train, wiped his tears, and became a man. Everything is connected to everything else.
21 Jun, 2009
Return to Monkey Island: The Trailer Walkthrough
Why watch a video when you can view snapshots from it?
28 Jun, 2022
RTX Red Rock Preview
Jake previews the first original LEC title since Jabba's Math Palace
10 Mar, 2003