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We never get preview copies anymore, probably because we always forget to ask for them. But occasionally we get our squinty pig eyes on a screenshot and write our wild assumptions away in previews! Oh the pain.
1 Massive Chalice: A first look

Updated: 20 Nov, 2014

Hey, a preview?! We do those now and again!

2 Psychonauts Preview (XBox)

Updated: 21 Feb, 2012

Some guy in a hallway at E3 said, "Psst! You wanna see a crazy new game?" As it turned out, that guy was Tim Schafer, and that game was the very impressive Psychonauts.

3 Sam & Max Freelance Police: A First Look

Updated: 04 May, 2011

And, as it would be, a last look, what with the game's cancellation and all.

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