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The Devil's Triangle


Christopher Ushko, aka "DataDog", is considered a master of fangames because of this game and the also "MI-2 LeChuck's Revenge". It was 2002 and this parody of Monkey Island has proved an immediate hit with fans around the world. His secret weapon? Irony, good gameplay and the ability to combine the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood with many other artistic, cultural and musical references. Not to mention the various 'mini-games within the game' that make more the adventure more fun: and all this with a tool more dated and perhaps less versatile, Klik & Play! The story should take place after the events of Monkey Island 1. This game has been translated into Spanish by Pakolmo, and the Spanish version is here as a treat for the fans!
AUTHOR: Christopher Ushko (Datadogg)
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
RELEASE: 24 Feb 2002
STATUS: Complete