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Carnaval Vudù / La Maldicion Voodoo / Largo's search (la vengeanza de Largo)


"Knossos Adventure Games" - "Soft Triatobat" - "Julis Stars Entertainment Company" - "Sherwood Studios" - are all names of the companies of "Sadistyk", aka Julian D. Zorzenon. Clearly, the genesis of this project must have been really troubled. In fact we have (April 5, 2007) the Knossos Adventure Games issuing the demo, in Spanish and English, of the game "Largo's search (La Venganza de Largo)". The following year (August 10, 2008) the Triatobat Soft releases the demo (only in Spanish) "La maldicion voodoo". Finally (May 29, 2009) the "Nuestro Sir Culo Soft", advertises the resumption of the project under the name "Carnaval Vudù". It is a project about Monkey Island, set between the first and the second chapter of the series; there appears no little bit less than Simon the Sorcerer! After several years of silence, surprisingly, the "Nuestro Sir Culo Soft" on the occasion of Christmas, finally gives us the first part of the new version of his project, entitled "Parte 1: La Búsqueda". Probably, given the length of the story that the author wants to accomplish, it was decided to take inspiration from TellTale Games, and release the fangame by episodic form.
AUTHOR: Nuestro Sir Culo Soft
COUNTRY: Argentina
RELEASE: 23 Dec 2011
LANGUAGE: Spanish, English
STATUS: Incomplete