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Sam & Max - Flintlocked!

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The history of this fangame is quite bizarre, and therefore deserves to be told. In 2004, at the time of the cancellation, by LucasArts, of the game "Sam & Max 2 - Freelance Police", many fans were truly MAD (fangame also have ensued from this fact, as the caustic "LEC Killer"!). The guys of the Demented Games were already accustomed to the creation of amateur games (especially on episodes of Commander Keen and LucasArts heroes), and without losing heart they have decided to do their "Sam & Max 2". It starts at a good pace and explore different ways of realization, even different programming tools. They soon realize three demos, two made with Sludge and one made with AGS, and the work proceeded quietly, until... TellTale has arrived! The game-house began to churn out the first season of our heroes. At first this did not seem a problem: the two projects could move forward simultaneously, except that the episodes of TellTale were telling the history of the project "FlintLocked" YET TO ISSUE! Nobody would have believed that the original idea would have been from the "Demented Games" (also because the realizing time for the game would lead to a release it really AFTER the episodes of Season 1), and so, despite the discomfort, the authors have had to abandon the game. The AGS demo is made by Elliott Ridgway (aka 'BrushGuy'), the one in SLUDGE by James Isaac.
AUTHOR: Demented Games
RELEASE: 16 Oct 2006

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