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Sam & Max - The road trip / The road trip Deluxe


MonkeyDashUnderscore ("Monkey-_"), aka Lewis Roll, is one of the earliest and most prolific fangamers of LucasArts games. This nice game has three "incarnations." The first, "The road trip", released on 16 Oct 2001 had a "flaw": from what I read, it seems sufficient to position itself in the middle of the road to succeed without struggling to overcome the obstacles of the game. Consequently were released, shortly after, the new version, called to mark the occasion, "The road trip Deluxe", much harder to win. The author, still not satisfied, introduces the final version of this game in the collection of mini-games called "Survivors". The soundtrack is delicious!
AUTHOR: Monkey-_Studios
COUNTRY: England
RELEASE: 04 Nov 2001
STATUS: Complete