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The Battle of Endor


Bruno R. Marcos is Spanish (from Seville), and is a big fan of the adventures of Star Wars. He is also a creator of video fangames, so it was natural for him to do something on the world of his star wars heroes! This project is part of a "trilogy", including "The Battle of Endor", "The Battle of Yavin" and "The Battle of Hoth" (yet to be implemented). At home the author is very famous, and has a large following of admirers, so much so that one of them, Tom Yee, inspired by this game, created a fangame who is premised on its own "The Battle of Endor"! This game, however, is inspired by the saga of Star Trek, and it's called "Invasion of Cardassia". Since this game to work, requires the presence in the PC of the game of Marcos, it has been added here.
AUTHOR: Bruno R. Marcos
RELEASE: 02 Jun 2004
STATUS: Complete