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Monkey Island by Joe Woollen


Joe is at pains to specify that he did all this game ONLY IN HALF AN HOUR! Well, the result can be seen, looks like a game pulled away for the Stand Out! Even the very title of the game "Monkey Island" denotes the lack of desire to use your imagination. In fact, although not to confuse it, I mentioned it adding the author's name in the title (even if somewhere else it is known by the acronym mysterious and unknown "INSA"). The question now arises: in half an hour, the author has managed to create this (albeit very "minimal" as a whole). If he was seriously dedicated to this project, what would have been able to do? Too bad the guy has not achieved anything else then to verify its true potential.
AUTHOR: Joe Woollen
COUNTRY: England
RELEASE: 11 Feb 2004
STATUS: Complete