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Star Wars - Ace and Commanders


This game is very special! The author, to my knowledge, is only known for the nickname, and so it's still anonymous. The initial intention is to create a game called Star Wars 'Avian Hunt', and it was officially made a "test" version. So why this "Ace and Commander"? Precisely because the author can gain experience, and thus be ready to implement the final game! To do this, this realization, although comprehensive, can not be defined as "definitive", in fact, more or less regularly, the author releases new versions, more complete and updated. In fact this project is a "work in progress" continuously! The latest release (the fifth made) is 2.0. Over time, "Ace and Commander" project became a "Shoot 'em up" separate game, and "Avian Hunt" continues to be made for what was the original plan. There are two game modes: "Skirmish" and "Survival". Have fun with this space Shoot 'em up!
AUTHOR: C3PO the Dragon Slayer
RELEASE: 21 Sept 2009
STATUS: Complete "work in progress"