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Guybrush's Log - How to Break Into a Mansion


Mini-game by the 'historic' author AJ Plus. The fangamer makes fun of himself, because at the time of solving the 'puzzle', comes out with a sentence like: 'Congratulations! You have completed the demo in shorter time than the length of CMI!'. The author considers this game a 'demo', but it is in effect a complete game. A little curiosity: the executable of this game is strangely called 'The new quest.exe' (which is also confirmed by the icon). 'The New Quest' is the title of ANOTHER game hosted in the glorious pages of the website 'Monkey Island Spectacular'. Most likely Michael Jhuhn (the author) was a contributor in its development, and by mistake, appointed the executable of this game that way.

AUTHOR: Michael Jhuhn (AJPLUS)
COUNTRY: Denmark
RELEASE: 21 Jan 1998
STATUS: Complete