2017: A Review Oh, the memories

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Who can forget the Mix 'N' Mojo Club?!

I'll say with some certainty that nobody thought Mojo would still be around in 2017 when we first hit Geocities 20 years ago. (I use "we" liberally here -- Spaff was steering the boat toward the iceberg by himself during those days.) Here we are, though, lazy and late as ever, with our "endearingly quirky, if occasionally abrasive, tone" (as Wikipedia lovingly describes us -- yes, we're so important we're on Wikipedia) celebrating 2017.

But let's take a moment and look at our last 10 years -- our first decade was of course already documented celebrated in 2007.

Has anything changed? I mean, really? I can't say it has. Jason -- better known as Udvarnoky -- is still here, as he has been since 2005. Zaarin hit the scene in 2007, though his Soundtrack Island -- which I'm sure will be back again, as soon as he can figure out the server setup -- saw the light in '99. JP has hung around since 2004, Jennifer since 2012, and this writer since 2002. Others, too, who have been around for a while still occasionally pop in.

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Courtesy of DanSky.

Want to feel really old?

Many of your favorite updaters have children. Some of us are now in our 40s. 40s! Remember when we were all on IRC, yelling about traitors who played Quake? This is all very depressing, seeing that either a) we don't have lives, or b) Mojo is purgatory and we'll be stuck here forever. Hey, if you're reading this you're no better than us, dammit.

With the ups and downs we've had over the years, it's pretty crazy we're still around. Who can forget all the infamous downtimes, though those days are luckily gone as we -- thanks to you -- have our own server and control over our domain name. Then there was the... rocky... MojoX launch that would have resulted in a fist-fight had we all been in the same room at the time. MojoEX, the upcoming design? It's coming along -- as is MojoDB -- but there is also so much on Netflix these days that we can't be expected to just hurry these things.

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The PibLuff was the Mojo Posting Board Lamer Files.

Why is Mojo still around? Why are we doing this? Why are you reading this? I can only quote the sage words of Zaarin: "Nothing makes sense. But, hey, video games... As Jake would say."

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