EMI PS2 Release Party

Whilst on our trip to LucasArts, Tom invited us to the PR Launch party for Escape from Monkey Island on the Playstation 2. Now while this in itself sounds good, would we go? Hell yeah we would go.
That's when Tom said, "Oh yeah, by the way, it's on an old clipper ship in San Francisco bay."
"There will be a steel drumb band and Caribbean food there."

This of course made us decide not to go..

This was too good to be true! A Monkey Island party on a pirate ship! I've dreamed of such a thing all my life... (maybe.)
The following Thursday was the date of the big bash, and when that day came we realised that we didn't have anything 'piratey' to wear. I soon remembered my 'Pirate pimp' shirt from Disneyland (silver with black jolly rogers on it, see here), but we had to go on a mad dash to toy shops to try and find plastic swords or eyepatches.

Did we find any? NO! No toyshops have any pirate stuff. What is with the world? When I was a kid you could get pirate stuff anywhere, now it seems that pirates are out of fashion. It's a travesty!

Anyway, you don't care. You want to hear about the party. So, once again, we met up with our good friend Dom (Dominic Armato, who of course plays the voice of Guybrush... I wonder how many times I have explained that on Mojo?), and the three of us headed down to the San Francisco Maritime Museum. We boarded the good ship "Balacutha" and were met by... no one... but just to our right, Sean and Mike were being surrounded by eager members of the media, so we knew we were in the right place. Dom was whisked off to be on ZDTV as Jake and myself were told to help ourselves to drink and food. We grabbed a couple of grogs and this is what happened next:

So, this is where the gallery of photos for the event would have gone, but those images are missing (for now). Why not check out the ones that The Wayback Machine remembers?

Thanks again Tom for inviting us, and everyone at the party for having a good time! Also thanks to Heather and Alexis for inviting us back to LucasArts, and giving us enough grog to sink a battleship .. or pirateship.

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