Those Ron and Dom IRC Logs Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert and Dominic Armato hit #monkey-island in 1999.

M O N K E Y - I S L A N D . L O G

*** Joins: Dom (

*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dom

<DJG> Hey Dom :)

<Flirbnic> DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Looking_Glass> Dom!

<Dom> Hey, there :-)

*** CaliMonk sets mode: +m

<telarium> Hey Dom

<DJG> Good job, Cali :)

<Jeff-1> Hi Dom!

<CaliMonk> Ladies and Pirates, may i introduce to you

<DJG> To the man known as....

<iMSaved> Tim Allen!

<CaliMonk> lol

<iMSaved> no, wait, thats wrong

<DJG> hehe

<Jeff-1> Bob Saget!

<Skyphox> Listen to Huz ;) Cheers Guys :)

<CaliMonk> The one, the only.. Master of all Pirates

<iMSaved> Keeper of the mighty Key to the MOnkey Head...

<iMSaved> People, ron is coming soon

<Bordok> And now... the scurviest pirate ever.... Pope John Paul the secon...umm... Ron Gilbert :)

*** Joins: Ron-G (

<MrMutton> Hello!

*** DJG sets mode: +o Ron-G

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<iMSaved> Wussup G :)

<Skyphox> Welcome to #monkey-island Ron!

<iMSaved> now you can talk :)

<Jeff-1> Welcome, Mr. Gilbert

<telarium> An honor to meet you.

<Lysergeic> Welcome, Mr. G :)

<Microangelo> Most definately an honor...

<Ron-G> Thanks!!

<iMSaved> people: that really is ron gilbert, in case your wondering :)

  • MrMutton gives Ron the wimpy little idol, to show his appreciation for Ron coming here

<Ron-G> How do you know???

<Mort-Hog> On behalf of Me (The channel idiot), Skyfox (the O'Holy channel founder) and all the Monkey Regulars, I welcome you, Sir/Lord/Your Royal Highness, -bow- Mr.Ron Gilbert,to our humble, little channel: #Monkey-Island

<Ron-G> Glad to me can just call me Ron.

<MrMutton> so, you got a question mort?

<Mort-Hog> Mr Gilbert, uhh Ron, you are the first celebrity I haveseen at #monkey-island, and I must say, my heart is beating a mile a minute

<Mort-Hog> well, what are you're ideas for CMI?

<Mort-Hog> If you could make it again

<Ron-G> Is the question, what did I think of CMI?

<Microangelo> I think it's, "What were your plans for MI3?"

<Mort-Hog> No, if you could, how would you make CMI different

<Ron-G> OK...

<Ron-G> I had a story all ploted out for MI3...

<Mort-Hog> please share with us

<iMSaved> Hello?

<iMSaved> Anyone here?

<Ron-G> I'm thinking...

<iMSaved> oh, sorry :)

<Ron-G> That is a really hard question to anser...

<CaliMonk> I think what they really mean is that we MI fans never really felt that CMI was a sequal to MI, because so many things didn't fit and actualy made any sense.

<DJG> And we want to know what the REAL story is.

<Ron-G> It is true that CMI was not what I was planning, but I do think they did a pretty good job of captuing what MI wasabout. There were a couple of things they didn't get rightthat bugged me

<Ron-G> One was the relationship between GB and Elain.

<Ron-G> Elain never really liked GB and thought of him as more of alittle brother.

<Ron-G> That was the thing that bugged me the most about CMI.

<Ron-G> As far as my story for MI3...

<Ron-G> I've always kept that a secret.

<CaliMonk> so, thats the secret of Monkey Island :)

<Ron-G> hah!

<iMSaved> darn, i thought we were gonna get the story :D

<Ron-G> I'm not going to reveil it now...may of I ever get the chance to make a MI game again.

<Mack_Salmon> If you had the choice,would you work for/with Lucasarts again?

<Ron-G> I would love to work with them on a MI story/game. I don't think I'd ever work there

<Ron-G> again, but that's just because it's more fun to have your own company.

<CaliMonk> Ron-G: So you would definatly "want" to make one, if you had the change to make one?

<Ron-G> Yes, I would LOVE to make another MI game.

<iMSaved> Ron: what do you think about Monkey Island in 3d?

<Ron-G> It could be good. I am not a big fan of 3D because I hatethe polygon look that goes with it these days. When hardware gets better, you will be able to do very different looking games in 3D. Alot of game are in 3D that don't need to be. 3D's hot, so everyone thinks they need to do it.

<Spaff> Ron-g: what is the next project for Cavedog ?

<Ron-G> The next one to come out is going to be AMEN.

<Spaff> did you have a lot to do with it's production?

<Ron-G> Not as much as I did with TA. I spend a lot of time with the AMEN designer talking about the story and the puzzles thatare in the game.

<Ron-G> But I am not involved in the day-to-day of the game.

<Elaine_Marley> Hi Ron! Music is a big part of Monkey Island mystique. The music in Monkey Island 2 is my personal favorite. :) How closely did you work with Michael Land to get it all to blend together soperfectly?

<Ron-G> I worked very closely with Michael. He is one of the best!!

<Ron-G> We reviewed all the music and talk about how each piece needed to fit into the game. It was a very interactiveprocess.

<Elaine_Marley> I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we guard our MI midis carefully. ;)

<CaliMonk> Do you think that without the music Monkey Island would have been such a BIG succes?

<Ron-G> The music in MI2 added a lot to the game. Music helps set anemotional feel for the player. If I want you in a certain mood, I can do that quickly with music.

<Looking_Glass> I am honored to meet a person (celebrity, genius if Imay) as yourself, Mr Gilbert. And Dom too of course. ;-)

<Dom> :-)

<MrMutton> ok, enough with the whole worshiping thing :)

<Looking_Glass> Did you think that Dominic Armarto did a good jobpotraying GB:s voice? I thought that he did great!And how many pillows do you have in your bed?

<Dom> No holds barred, Ron... I can take it :-)

<Ron-G> I have 3 pillows in my bed.

<Ron-G> As for the voice thing, that's hard. I always knew what GB sounded like in my head, so no matter how good the voice really was, it was never going to be how I imagined it. We only had text back then. But, to answer your question, yes, I thought it was good.

<Dom> Well, thanks :-)

<MrMutton> I felf the same with Garfield! I never could imagine his voice reading the comics

<Ron-G> Or dilbert.

<Dom> In general, did you think the voicework (not necessarilymine) on CMI was well done?

<MrMutton> Yeah, like the other characters... Stan etc.

<Ron-G> I didn't really notice it one way or another, so I guess that's a YES.

<Dom> Heh :-) Approaching an established character is a little intimidating, so I

<Dom> whoops...

<Ron-G> I could spend hours nitpicking details to death, but over all it worked.

<Dom> so as long as you weren't markedly irritated, then I'm happy :-)

<SecMan> Hi Ron, tt's an honour to meet you Ron :). I would like to know how the development of 'Good & Evil' is coming along, and what you can tell us about the game so far.

<Ron-G> Good & Evil is coming along slowly, mostly because I have alot of other things that I'm doing. I just met with DaveGrossman and we were going over the story and design. Ifyou're a MI fan, I think you're really going to like G&E. Ithas all the same humor.

<SecMan> Does it have an estimated release date?

<Ron-G> No, there is no release date. I want the game to be perfect, so I don't want to make any commitmetns yet.

<Ron-G> I'm also leanring to type...

<SecMan> ok, I understand, thanks Ron :)

<Maximar> Hey Ron

<Ron-G> Yeah?

<Maximar> Not a question, more like a request :)

<Maximar> Please use that story you talked about in an old interview. You made it with Dave Grossman and it had... uhm, Congo inthe title =) It would prove that you are still King of theAdventure :-)

<Ron-G> Bobo and Fletcher go deep into the Congo?

<Maximar> That'd be it, yes

<Ron-G> I loved that story. I hope to make it one day.

<Maximar> Do you think you'll ever make a pure adventure at Cavedog?

<Maximar> Or is it just RTS, 3D shooters and erm... real-time- strategy-roleplaying-adventures?

<Ron-G> Probably not. Adventure games need to change a little, which is what I'm doing with G&E.

<Dalixam> Hi Ron, glad to meet you :) The secret of Monkey Island is probably the most well kept secret ever. Can it actually be seen/found in MI1 or MI2? I'm not asking you to reveal it :)

<Ron-G> Yes, if you really look at what's going on, you might be able to come close.

<Ron-G> There are a lot of jokes, that aren't really jokes.

<Ron-G> The problem with the Secret of Monkey Island...

<Ron-G> is that it's built up sich a mystic, that when I finally do reviel it, you're all going to go "That was dumb". :-)

<Ron-G> And, yes, I will learn to type one day...

<MrMutton> Yeah, best to keep it a secret... otherwise you'll have to change the name of the game!

<Skyphox> That one answer alone will keep us fans busy for months ;)

<Keepko> Hey Ron-I was wondering, what's your favorite character from all the MI games?

<Ron-G> Stan

<darnn14m> hello Mr. Gilbert, or Ron, it's an honour to meet you, i'm a great fan of your work, especially on the SCUMM engine. one of the people here, serge, has made a program to hack gfx and sound out of the LEC games, including the MI games. what do you think of this? also, if you will be doing adenture, is it possible that you use somthing similar to the SCUMM engine, without being sued?

<Ron-G> If I was going to make an adventure game, I'd build a new engine. There is so much more I'd want to do. G&E is using a new engine that we're building. Not SCUMM related at all.

<Ron-G> But, I still use SCUMM. All the adventure games we make for kids at Humongous Entertainment are done in SCUMM.

<CaliMonk> Ron, did you plan all the in-jokes or did they just come up while making the game?

<Ron-G> Both. Some were planned, others we thought of while coding the game.

<Dom> As a side note...

<Ron-G> The fun thing about making these games was we came up with so much on the fly. We'd be sitting around, late at night and start thinking of funny stuff and it would go in the game.

<Dom> ...this was one of the downsides to voicing CMI... since the script had to be handled ahead of time, there really wasn't any flexibility to throw in funny ideas at the last minute... or at least that's what they told the voice talent :-)

<Flirbnic> Ok... I need to ask a question for my friend who couldn't be here

<Flirbnic> What's your midichlorin count?

<Ron-G> 0

<CaliMonk> Are there any In-jokes which were not discovered yet?

<Ron-G> Hard to tell. I don't know what has been discovered.

<telarium> Ron, what was it like to work on Maniac Mansion when the industry was still new? Any interesting behind-the-scenes stories? And why such a weird and creative plot for the game?

<Ron-G> Working on MM was a lot of fun because we were inventing so much. It was a lot more fun making games back then. Small teams. Less structure.

<telarium> One last thing from me... what do you think people should know who want to get into the gaming industry these days?

<Ron-G> It now takes 50 or so people to make a game. And as Donsaid, there is less on-the-fly stuff put in.

<Ron-G> Getting in to the biz...

<Dom> Heck, I think the VO talent alone for CMI was 20 or 30 people.

<Ron-G> You really need to be good at one of two things. Art or Programming.

<Ron-G> If you want to break in, the best way is to get a job testing game at a company you want to work for. We get some of our best talent out of the testing department.

<telarium> Can art be defined as visual storytelling?

<Ron-G> No, you need to be able to produce art for a game. That is what is needed.

<MrMutton> Ron: don't be alarmed by Yolkhead... he's not all there

<Dom> Unless I'm mistaken, most of the background art for CMI was done freehand and then scanned in and touched up, so computer graphics have not made pen and ink obsolete... correct, Ron?

<Ron-G> Yes, very true.

<Spaff> sorry to butt in....were any of the the graphics for TA, and kindons hand drawn?

<Ron-G> Just some of the stuff for the TAK movie. Other than that, it was all 3D. But that is a different yype of game from an adventure game.

  • MrMutton books Ron into a typing school

<Ron-G> ;dsjfsdjhsaodhaosajgg

<Spaff> kindons = kingdoms.. im no better myself :)

<CaliMonk> Ron, do you think that the 2d adventure games are dying? All Adventures made nowadays are 3d, do you find that disappointing? ( i know i do)

<Ron-G> Yes, I do find that disappointing. One of the things thatmakes adventure games so much fun is all the art. You just can't do anything super interesting in 3D these days.

<Bordok> Have you ever thought of buying the rights to the Monkey Island series from LucasArts so that you could create a new MI game with your the Cavedog folks?

<Ron-G> I don't think they'd sell it. But, I've never asked.

<Ron-G> Maybe I could win the rights back in a typing contest withGeorge.

<telarium> Swordfight for it!

<telarium> You fight like a cow!

<Ron-G> You type like a cow.

<Dom> How convenient! You, um.... nevermind.

<Mack_Salmon> uhh,what do you think of Sierra's adventure games?

<Ron-G> The Sierra games were very different from the Lucas games. They had a different feel to them. I liked them, but did not love them.

<CaliMonk> like the being able to die part?

<Ron-G> Yes, I hated being able to die.

<CaliMonk> that makes 2 of us :)

<Dom> I know what won me over as a LucasArts (and an MI) fan was the fact that their games didn't take themselves so seriously.

<Ron-G> Humor is so important.

<iMSaved> i agree

<DJG> Ron: If you were ever to make another Monkey Island game in Cavedog, how would you go about making the in-jokes? If you don't work for LucasArts, would you be able to use Max the Rabbit, Star Wars in-jokes,and other LucasArts references in your games without having to pay a lot of money to LA?

<Ron-G> I'd come up with new in-jokes. There is a lot more to the world then (gasp) StarWars.

<iMSaved> How can you be sure? ;)

<Ron-G> StarWars = StarWars(tm)

<Dom> Careful, Ron, you could incite a riot in here with that kind of talk :-)

<DJG> But what made MI great was all of those references from familiar games, what kind would you use? Ones from other cavedog games?

<Ron-G> There is lots of material for humor in the world. They might no be "in-jokes", but we'd make fun of a lot of other things.

<Microangelo> Ron -- What is the general environment like at Cavedog? Are there people working almost nonstop without sleep, playing music, eating junk (chips, burritos, ramen noodles, etc.), and playing huge multiplayer game tournaments? Or it it calmer and more professioanl?

<Ron-G> It depends on the time of the year and the project. When we are finishing somehting up, we spend a lot of time working late. It's pretty slow right now, so people go home at a normal time. We don't try and take ourselves too seriously at Cavedog. What's the fun.

<|Woody|> Ron-G: This is probably meant to be a secret too, but I'm really curios about the Guybrush-LeChuck-brother thing. Are they brothers or what? You don't have to reveal all your thought about it, but give us at least a hint :-)

<Ron-G> In one sense, yes they are brothers, in another way, they are not. If you get what I mean.

<|Woody|> uh... not really, but ok

<MrMutton> You mean, we're all part of God's family?

<Dom> This doesn't involve incest or anything, does it?

<Dom> :-)

<Dom> LeChuck's my brother... and my father!

<iMSaved> i dont get it

<Ron-G> Let me put it another way...

<Ron-G> In one sense, yes they are brothers, in another way, they are not.

<CaliMonk> lol

<MrMutton> Ah right!

<Dom> :-o

<iMSaved> Are they like brothers in law or something?

<Microangelo> Oh, it's all so clear to me now

<Ron-G> Look closly grasshopper.

<|Woody|> oooh that makes it all clear

<|Woody|> :)


<CaliMonk> lol

<MrMutton> lol

<DJG> hehe

<Microangelo> hehe..

<Skyphox> hehehe!! NEXT Q!

<Ron-G> :)

<Microangelo> Wait, while he's giving away info, we should ask what the Secret of Monkey Island(tm) is..

<Ron-G> The secret of money island is kjhkjh^&UG&^%& <connection lost>

<Microangelo> Noooooooo

<Jeff-1> With the LucasArts-inspired SCRAMM engine coming up, which allows users to make their own games, will companies once again look at how gamers really want adventures made?

<Ron-G> I'm not sure I understand the question?

<CaliMonk> Are you familier with SCRAMM?

<iMSaved> Have you even heard of it?

<Ron-G> No, I have not heard to SCRAMM? Two M's...hummmm

<Jeff-1> Do you think gaming companies will look at fan created games and think "Hey, that what they want!"

<Ron-G> Yes, fan created games can have a big influence on game companies. Unfortunlty it costs a lot of money to make games these days and less and less companies are willing to take risks. But fan created games can take risks.

<Jeff-1> And I think you would find the SCRAMM project to be rather interesting :)

<Mancombe> Ron, (changing the subject) got any personal fave games at the moment?

<Ron-G> Midtown Madnes!!!!

<Microangelo> Oh yeah, I love that game

<Skyphox> top game :)

<Mancombe> When you fall off the cliff on Monkey-Island and get the Sierra-like box with "Restore, Restart, Quit", that is my fave MI joke, do you have any you liked in particular?

<Ron-G> That is one of my favortie jokes in the game.

<Huz> Of all the games you have worked on, which did you enjoy developing most? Do you now consider the finished product of that game to be your greatest achievement?

<Ron-G> I had the most fun working on MI. And I'm not just saying that because it's the MI chat. We spent a year on the game and it was none stop fun. I really had a vision for what I wanted the game to be and it was great to see it all come together. I learned a lot from Maniac Mansion and was eager to try it agian.

<CaliMonk> Ron, now that you don't work at LEC anymore, do you still play their games? (ie. Grim Fandango, and what do you think of this game if you've played it?)

<Ron-G> I have not played all the way through GF yet. The sad part about being in the games biz is that you really don't have time to play games.

<Dom> And if I may throw in an addendum to this question, despite your inherent distrust of 3D adventure games (a distrust which I share), did you feel the 3D was well-suited to Grim?

<Ron-G> Yes, because they still had nice backgrounds.

<Skyphox> Mutton: Never mind.. Cali got to it first ;)

<CaliMonk> you never told me your question :)

<MrMutton> The world holds it's breath...

*** [SCRAPPERbot] sets mode: +v Yolkhead

<Yolkhead> i think Guybrush should be killed off in MI4 & that Wally should be the star- What are your feelings on my humble theory?......Did you rip off the brothers type thing off Star Wars?

<Ron-G> Wally needs a bigger part, that is for sure. And yes, I did rip of the brother thing from Star Wars(tm)

*** [SCRAPPERbot] sets mode: +v basehead

<Huz> Basehead, you'd better be here for once. :)

<MrMutton> wake up, base!

  • MrMutton slaps basehead around a bit with a large trout

<Skyphox> Go onto the next ;)

<DJG> Yeah... some people still need proof that you actually do talk :)

<MrMutton> Ron: basehead never talks...

<telarium> Ron, I thought CMI tied things up nicely by explaining how Rum Rogers, Yound Lindy, Rapp Scallion, and the rest died. For example, saying how they all tied into Big Whoop. Was their explanation anything close to yours?

<Ron-G> No, because Big Whoop wasn't really anything important when we started writing the game. The name alone says that. It just turned into something after the fact.

<telarium> I think the CMI team did ask you for some advice. Is that true, and what did you tell them?

<Ron-G> I was not asked anything about MI3. I learned all about it the same time you all did.

<telarium> Rather, the CMI team said they asked you for advice.

<Ron-G> Not that I remember...

<DJG> Sort of related to tel's first question, In Monkey Island 2, by the Voodoo Lady we're told that The Big Whoop is a gateway to another world, which still holds true in CMI, but we're also told that its a place where Guybrush can be free of LeChuck forever. However, in CMI, Big Whoop turns out to be the gate to hell. Is this one of the things you would change in your MI3?

<Ron-G> Like I said before, I didn't really have any plans for Big Whoop. I didn't think people would latch onto it, so it was never a part of my story.

<Dom> Imagine your surprise. :-)

<Ron-G> As for if I would change that, that's not really a fair question because my story was so different.

<Flirbnic> There are a lot of theories about what the Secret of Monkey Island is...

<Flirbnic> One of them is that there are portals everywhere

<Flirbnic> eg. when guybrush falls down the hole on Dinky Island, he goes through a portal to the hallway world

<Flirbnic> and after Guybrush takes off LeChuck's mask, they go through a portal to the carnival world, where the grog machine came from

<Flirbnic> then there is my theory that the secret is the location of Monkey Island

<Flirbnic> And there is another theory that it's all just a dream that a little boy (Guybrush) was having while in a ride similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean thing...

<Flirbnic> Which of these is closest to the Secret of Monkey Island?

  • Flirbnic inhales

<Ron-G> Cold, cold and cold.

<Dom> I smell a dead horse.

<Ron-G> One is closer than the others...but not much.

<Flirbnic> Which one?

<Ron-G> the other one.

<MrMutton> I knew it!

<Flirbnic> My second question... About the weird question herman asked (If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, what colour is it?)

<Ron-G> You're not supposed to. Herman was insane.

<MrMutton> lol

<MrMutton> All Colours

<Flirbnic> and speaking of colours...

<Flirbnic> What colour is your toothbrush?

<Ron-G> Purple.

<Flirbnic> Coool

  • Flirbnic buys a purple toothbrush

<Skyphox> Ron: How about the looks of CMI? The Style of GB and the backgrounds, what did you think? Would you rather they had stayed in a similar style to MI2 or would you have gone in the same direction if you had made a MI3?

<Ron-G> Again, hard to answer. If I started looking at styles, I might have arrived at the same place. CM did look a little too cartoony for me.

<MrMutton> And Guybrush was very tall

<Dom> And that voice... eeugh.

<Ron-G> I wasn't going to mention the voice.

<MrMutton> Yeah, his voice got on my nerves!

<Dom> :-)

<MrMutton> Boy, I smashed a few monitors listening to him!

<darnn14m> ron: well, CAN i ask about putt putt?

<Ron-G> Sure

<darnn14m> ok, when were the putt putt games made, how is it all related to LEC, and is the SCUMM engine there newer or older than it is in MI?

<Ron-G> We made the first Putt-Putt game in 1992 and are still making them. They use the SCUMM engine, which has been updated a lot since MI.

<Jeff-1> Putt Putt was what got me interested in voice compression, btw :)

<Ron-G> Strange...

<darnn14m> how many are there? i only know 2

<Ron-G> There are 5 Putt-Putt games, we're right in the middle of #6.

<darnn14m> and what about freddy the fish?

<Ron-G> Same thing.

<darnn14m> are the ideas yours?

<Ron-G> I designed the first couple Putt-Putt games, freddi Fish and Pajama Sam

<Huz> How did you feel when the SCUMM 'clones', such as the engine used in Simon the Sorcerer, first came onto the scene? Were you annoyed that other developers were stealing the SCUMM 'idea', or pleased that the SCUMM engine was so well-liked?

<Ron-G> Competition is good. It keeps everyone on their toes and innovating.

<Ron-G> Besides, it's the game design that really counts.

<Keepko> Ron-on a more sophisticated note-who's your favorite spice girl?

<Ron-G> Barbie Spice.

<MrMutton> hehe

*** darnn14m is now known as lol

<Bordok> who? :)

<telarium> LOL!

<Keepko> you mean Baby Spice?

<Ron-G> Oh wait, it's Cindy Spice.

<Skyphox> LOL

<telarium> Cindy Spice is only in Europe

<Ron-G> I wish all the Spice Girls were only in Europe.

<MrMutton> LMAO RON!!!

<Lysergeic> ROFL

<Microangelo> Ron - In Monkey Island 3, I was hoping to be able to visit familiar islands, particularly Melee and Monkey Islands. In your plan for MI3, would the player be able to visit any familiar places? Also, would more familiar characters return? And what would Stan be selling?

<Ron-G> I don't know. I had the story written, but not the whole design, so detailed like that had not been figured out.

<Microangelo> ok, just tell me the story, then :)

<telarium> So if another game is never made, will the story never be told?

<Microangelo> You must not let the story die with you, Ron

<Ron-G> Once upon a time, there was this Pirate, who really liked asdj&&^*D <connection lost>

<Skyphox> damn connection ;)

<Keepko> oh-another question reeking with sophistication-which do you prefer, Backstreet Boys or N'Sync

<Ron-G> The Monkeys

<Bordok> Ron-G: I'm sure you've answered this a few hundred times already, but... what made you decide to leave LucasArts for your own company? Many people think it's an ideal place to work and beats having your own company (money is not the issue)

<Ron-G> I had worked at LA for 8 years, and I was just ready to try it on my own.

<Lemongeek> Knowing all the references to Star Wars in the games, was Monkey Island intended to be a Star Wars spoof?

<Ron-G> No, it was just ripe material.

<Dom> Gotta split... see you later folks, and good to meetcha, Ron :-)

<Ron-G> Bye!!!

About 150.206 bye's later...

<Lemongeek> Ron, if you made MI3, would that have a definite ending?

<Ron-G> It would have been a whole different story.

<Ron-G> But I think they did a very good job on CMI. They had a tuff job to do.

<Microangelo> Ron -- Do you still have contacts at LucasArts? Like, could we pay you to go down there and check out all this MI4 business?

<Ron-G> I see Tim and others a lot. I have not heard anything about MI4.

<Microangelo> hmm.. keep your eyes peeled :)

<Dan-mojo> Ron: what do you think of the huge number of fan sites on the 'net, and the way they give so much information about the games?

<Ron-G> I think all the fan sites are great. I am amazed at how many there are and how popular the game is after all these years.

<MrMutton> I think he means, how do you feel about the huge following monkey island has.

<DJG> And the fact that 50 people came here at all hours of the day and night to listen to you talk :)

<Ron-G> To think, it all started out as a silly story about a boy and his monkey.

<MrMutton> Ron: Did you base any of your characters on yourself, or which character do you think is most like you...

<Ron-G> None of the characters were me. But, in Maniac Mansion, all the characters were people that worked at Lucasfilm at the time.

<Ron-G> Thanks, this was fun!!!!

<Ron-G> I'll stop by now and then, as long as people don't ask me about the secret of monkey island.

After like 10.000 bye's and thanks

<Mort-Hog> Ron - What do you think of the SCUMM Bar (Skyfox's brilliant MI site)?

<Ron-G> I like the go there a lot.

<Ron-G> I've got to run. Thanks for all the questions...I'll be back.

<Ron-G> I had a great time...

*** Parts: Ron-G (

The day that Ron Gilbert came to #monkey-island has finally happend, and asking him questions and actualy being there was one of the most thrilling things in my whole Internet live :)

CaliMonk - Aop of #monkey-island