E3 2003: Embarrassing Photo Gallery Page One

Your favorite thing in the world: Hey everyone, look what I've got: pictures from our family vacation to Los Angeles! What, leaving already? What do you mean, "look at the time?" Come on.

We know you love looking at photo albums so much, so we have prepared a giant - mostly boring, mostly embarrassing - one for you to browse. The best part? You get to tell us how boring these are what you think of them when you get to the end. Enjoy!

Thumb We should sue them.
Thumb Wrath was thoroughly unleashed.
Thumb Secret Weapons Over That Guy's Head
Thumb Ronda was this happy that we missed our Thursday appointment.
Thumb Episode III?
Thumb Peer into the future of Mojo features, maybe.
Thumb Sneak inside the LucasArts booth...
Thumb ... or back away in fear.
Thumb Hot
Thumb JKIII demo, uncomfortable personal moment, or both?
Thumb If you like the game...
Thumb ... then you'll love the action figures!
Thumb Full Throttle 2: Electric Boogaloo
Thumb Fear ToonTown.
Thumb Tomorrowland is worthless with Space Mountain closed.
Thumb Teacups: Also Electric Boogaloo
Thumb Back to front: Metallus, tabacco (AG's programmer), telarium.
Thumb Sony's booth was whimsical, yet evil.
Thumb Jake loses horribly at PDA Scrabble. This picture loses as well.
Thumb The XBox booth always oozes "80's supervillan."
Thumb Christina and Amanda experience the extremeness that is falling in a giant plastic log.
Thumb Guybrush is far too good at PDA Scrabble.
Thumb This booth popped up when we tried to visit JA+
Thumb Nintendo is the best ever. Except when they show boring games.
Thumb Jake and Sarah are shocked. Marek looks like he's reading a book.
Thumb Crazy Dancing is not OK.
Thumb Crazy Dom is OK, maybe.
Thumb Wait maybe it's not OK at all.
Thumb Fine fine, just moderately OK.
Thumb Enough of that crap, now back to E3.
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