Excerpts from the Slack: The Worst Memes on the Internet

The Mojo Admin Slack is a place of rampant egos, questionable judgment, EGA evangelizing, and the plotting of shameless promotional schemes. Occasionally, things get too stupid to keep to ourselves.

It all began around 9:50 in the morning (my time, anyway), when elTee was lamenting the absence of free time to write his next article. But necessity is the mother of downmarket invention…

elTee [09:50]
Luckily making memes takes mere seconds using these websites so I'll be able to keep our twitter account going

See, this took the time between this comment and the last comment and it's an easy 100k retweets

Article image

elTee [09:53]
I could do this all day

elTee certainly seemed prepared to make good on that threat. Using Monkey Island EGA as a cudgel to beat Monkey Island Special Edition with is pretty standard issue, though. It was time to attack more topical targets. Within seconds:

elTee [09:53]

Article image

Thrik [09:54]

Article image
Article image
Article image

Thrik emerges as a fan of the rapid meme prototyping on display. And who could blame him? Those "Censorship!" kids were insufferable. But elTee isn't a predictable artist; he zigs when people expect him to zag. And so he follows up an acerbic jab with a call for unity:

elTee [09:55]

Article image

Thrik [10:03]

I bet EGA is pretty niche even in the old school lucasarts fan sphere

elTee [10:07]

It seems to be limited exclusively to people who actually used EGA cards at some point

As opposed to tourists being retro like a modern person would have to be

zaarin [10:08]
Or being bullied into liking it, like Thrik ;

elTee [10:08]
And to be fair, Sierra VGA was often an improvement over Sierra EGA

I'm becoming obsessed with the worst memes on the internet

Article image

Thrik [10:13]
Hey I didn’t say I’d like it, just that I’d experience it

elTee [10:13]
This one is needlessly inflammatory

Article image

Spicy! It seems the incorrigible Remi managed to swell his CMI Haters Club ranks. Fortunately, Thrik sidles in with a crowd pleaser to get things back on track:

Thrik [10:17]

Article image

elTee [10:18]
I don't think CMI sucks

It's just a meme, bro

I can't quite nail this one but it has potential

Article image
Hey, even incomplete works can be masterpieces, like the Aeneid.

elTee [10:23]
Now we just need to join the discord under a false identity and we can become memelords

zaarin [10:23]
Replace Lucasarts with Grim Fandango and put it on Twitter for some hate-clicking

elTee [10:23]

Remi [10:23]
Screw that, do it under your own name.

You're already a god in there.

This would make you an uber-god.

elTee [10:23]
A god like hades or whatever

Not one of the good ones

I stopped paying attention around this point because I for one have to work for a living. But I did glance back in time to catch this gem:

Article image

By then the joke had pretty much played itself out. Or had it? Later on, a peek at the Mojo Twitter showed that somebody was apt to keep this party going.

Thanks to elTee for inadvertently writing his article after all. If you want to share us your own regrettable meme, just @mixnmojo, because apparently this is a thing now. But please, leave CMI alone. :~

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