ICYMI: Return to Monkey Island

We’ve always stanned trivia here at Mojo, even hosting an (admittedly stale) in-joke section. (The largest part is Monkey Island’s Star Wars references—did you know “I’m doomed!” was a famous C3PO line?)

When we started developing a replacement database using The SCUMM Bar as proof of concept, a couple of things occurred to me. One, we know more about the first few Monkey Island games than what is healthy—for heaven’s sake, somebody put us out of our misery. And, two, going by the socials, many have missed a lot of fun details in Return to Monkey Island. This, likely, because you live healthy, productive lives.

Thus, as a service to those who haven’t doven into the game to the perverse degree some of us have, I took a minute to put together a list of ten notable ReMI trivia pieces. Some you may know, some you may not have spotted.

And to start with a basic:

The Fate of The Secret of Monkey Island Cover Pirates


Even now, literally years after Ron-G tweeted that The Secret of Monkey Island cover-art pirates would appear in the game, I regularly hear from players who didn’t make the connection. Give it a closer look, and it’s pretty apparent. Those with eagle eyes can even spot Purcell’s signature on one of the unfortunate pirates’ lapel.

I always liked Terror Island, and these little details make it an eerie location. Who or what was behind the pirates’ fate? Small touches like this get the headcanon rolling.

The Bespectacled Pineapple Creature Hiding in Mêlée Forest


This is a bizarre one, an easter egg that only appears in “Casual Mode.” Wander around the woods, and you’ll find a chubby little pineapple man who makes a run for it. While there is no proof, I like to imagine he took out the campers in the first Monkey Island game. (I have no issues bringing this to dark places.)

Electrical Plug Beneath Monkey Island

Article image

I’m a sucker for these types of details—it’s almost impossible to see, but look closely beneath Monkey Island, and you’ll find an electrical cord dangling behind one of the monkey statues. Very LeChuck’s Revenge-y and another proof of how much care was put into the game.

Post-Quake Details


ReMI is a game that benefits from exploration. Check out Monkey Island after the quake, and you’ll find a bunch of new details, as shown in the video above. And, if you stick around Mêlée, you’ll learn just how intricate the Scumm Bar cook’s rebuilding plans are.


Even the jail has a new set of post-quake rules.


And, somewhat related, if you’re in the mood to help a young museum curator, Conrad is always ready to accept memorabilia.


Perseverance Can Get You Far

Think LeChuck gives one motivational speech and calls it good? Keep ringing that bell for more.


Chuckie, too, is willing to go the distance if you have the patience to keep prodding him.


And to Take It Home on a Weird One

In the resource files are the LeChuck’s Revenge lines from the ReMI prologue, voiced by the adult actors. With a quick overlay, you’ll find it sounds something like this:


Seriously. Healthy people do not assemble those types of remixes.

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