PC Format Collectors Series

All 30 pages of this special collecters suppliment were scanned very kindly for by Calimonk. (and then resized and treated for the web by me) We'd like to thank him right here, because all he asked for was praise! we praise you oh Calimonk!

This is a great find, it includes reviews of Xwing and its add-ons, Rebel assault and TIE fighter. Interviews with Lawrence Holland and Edward Killham. Then we get reviews of all the classic adventure games starting with Maniac Mansion and finishing with Sam and Max. Interviews with Mike Stemmle, Sean Clark and Steve Purcell and then previews of Dark Forces, The DIG and Full Throttle. All of this and way more all from back in the days of 1994 and introduced by the then president of the company Randy Komisar.

The images are fairly large, and i had to reduce their quality substantially. Use the sidebar to navigate your way and begin your read.

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