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But enough about my Facebook profile, what I really want to introduce you to is our Secret History article on The Secret of Monkey Island.

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Note: the feature image to your left right is from Dansky's 3D render of Monkey Island.


I'd have just appended this to the former post, but it was getting a bit long and unwieldly. It's been confirmed by Larry Ahern that the price of the first "Part" of Insecticide as listed on GamersGate is incorrect. I'll repost was Larry wrote in the comments of our previous news item in case you missed it:
Unfortunately, I wish I knew more about the lack of official info, but the word I got from the publisher is that we should be available on all the sites come Tuesday. Also, I asked our producer about the situation with Gamer's Gate, and unfortunately, it sounds like it was an error for them to be charging $29.99. We'll get this sorted out, but it is supposed to be $14.99 for Part 1, and Part 2 will be available at the same price later. He said he'd be contacting the site to have them fix this error. I tell ya, we're like a well-oiled machine here! Yeah, well anyway, last I checked, there's a great PC game in there. Lots of cool stuff above and beyond what we were able to fit onto the DS, so we appreciate your patience.
The GamersGate product page has since been updated with the correct price. And look out for the game from those other sites (Direct2Drive and Gametap) on Tuesday. There's still no word yet on if the PC version of Insecticide will makes its way to any other online outlet, nor is there yet a tentative release date for Part 2. We'll keep you posted as we hear more. In the meantime, rest assured that you can definitely buy the first Part of Insecticide from GamersGate right now for the correct price!

I think we can all agree that America isn't exactly living its happiest days. Political blunder after another, mistake preceding mistake, crime on the rise and a race for the White House involving some really old men - we are truly, deeply effed.

Or, as I should say: we were. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty President.

Source: Grumpy Gamer


Today, the Mojo database decided to make a break for it and travelled 8 hours back in time. Some comments and at least one news post was lost in the commotion.

The authorities have told us that they've captured the rogue time traveller and if all goes to plan, nothing more will go the way of the dodo.


Some interesting pieces of news today, so instead of dividing them and risking you missing one of themwe I thoughtwe'd I'd put them together!
  • Insecticide has been released for the PC... maybe. Well, on GamersGate anyway. None of the other download sites that were supposed to have it like GameTap, Direct2Drive and even the game's website make no mention of it. Also not mentioned on GamersGate is that it's the first of two episodes. It also seems to be rather expensive for just one episode.

    According to Crackpot, they're still working on Episode Two, so it can't be both episodes together. Something may be wrong here. Thanks to Diduz for the heads-up though, and we'll keep you informed as to what's going on.

  • LucasArts fire even more staff. Reports at Joystiq, who have interviewed an ex-employee, say that key members of The Force Unleashed's team have now been laid off. If LucasArts want to make another game in the series, they would have to either outsource or pointlessly hire new staff and train them. LucasArts maintains that they're committed to internal development and the next Indy game is not affected.

    What is most surprising about this is that several of the staff laid off were long-term members of the team who survived the previous culling and walkouts and actually worked on titles like X-Wing, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango.

  • Simon Pegg has written a new Spaced sketch spoofing the American remake unaffectionately dubbed 'McSpaced'. See it at his blogsite here. While this really has nothing to do with us (aside from the "TFU" gags we often use to accompany Force Unleashed posts), more proper British Spaced means the world is a slightly happier place. And that's always worth posting about.

The next part of our Secret History series is coming soon...

Monkey Island Awaits!

Crackpot's released new Insecticide screenshots (PC version). Good stuff.

Source: Gamershell


Part five of the hilarious Monkey Island radio play is now online at Nightlight Productions! This week, LeChuck plans and schemes with Number Two, and Karl and G.T. work out who is behind the latest menace.

Listen to the latest part, or catch up on earlier episodes. Arg!

The always wonderful Zaarin has completed his recording of the complete Monkey Island 2 soundtrack and uploaded it to his hosted site Soundtrack Island!

Now go listen!

Telltale Games's Mark Darin has been dragged out of the studio, beaten-up and interrogated to reveal new details on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. They managed to get some good information; but he passed before they could extract that one, elusive secret about Strong Bad's gloves...

Source: Wiiware World


It's been awhile since we've heard anything on Mata Hari, that graphic adventure game the LucasArts alumni Noah Falstein and Hal Barwood (both best known for the Indiana Jones adventure games) have been making for the Germans, but you can see a new streaming trailer for it over at Gamershell, where it is also available for download.

There's little to no gameplay on display here, but the footage is nonetheless enticing. Also, the end of the trailer reveals the URL of the official site, but visiting it may result in disappointment. Look out for Mata Hari sometime this year for PC wherever it's going to be released.

Nintendic has confirmed with Crackpot Entertainment that the Nintendo DS version of Insecticide is heading for Europe in August.

Source: Nintendic


After possible possibly the longest "just two weeks" we've seen in a while, GameTrailers have finally continued their Star Wars Retrospective series. Episode 5 (for which this is that) deals with the Strategic side of Star Wars gaming, from Rebellion/Supremacy to the Battlefront series.

The next episode will be on the adventures of Kyle Katarn, although who knows when that will be?

The long-awaited (well, by me at least) Indiana Jones Comics Omnibus Volume 2 is now available in stores, online or off, a few days earlier than expected.

All of these comics have been out-of-print for years and are very hard to come by, but they're mostly of interest to us because this volume contains the two stories that could have been Fate of Atlantis 2 - Iron Phoenix and Spear of Destiny.

While Spear of Destiny most likely bears little relation to the intended story for the cancelled game, Iron Phoenix is very game-like in its structure, and contains several elements that ended up in the true sequel - Infernal Machine. The artifacts being scattered across remote points of the world, including one at Shambala Sanctuary, and Russians being in it for example.

Source: Grumpy Gamer


The first trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars: Lightsaber Battles: Jedi Alliance: Wii is now watchable exclusively at GameTrailers. While it mentions the DS version it all seems to be footage from the Wii game and also the film.

The game seems to be a beat-'em-up more than anything else. Lets hope that it ends up better than this.

All you have to do to find that out is to ask Telltale.

Source: Wall Street Journal


So apparently Telltale is having trouble choosing between these two possible covers for the Sam & Max: Season 1 Wii release:

and needs your help to decide! Participate in the only election this year that means anything and let 'em know your preference.

In an article at Venture Beat, the first details on the Clone Wars games for Wii and DS were revealed;
...two additional Star Wars titles will ship this November based on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” the new Warner Bros. computer-generated (CG) animated movie and TNT/Cartoon Network TV series.

“Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance” on Nintendo DS is the first game developed at the LucasFilm Animation Studio in Singapore, which is where the new Clone Wars TV series is being animated.

Krome Studios is behind “Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels” for the Wii, which will deliver lightsaber battles via the Wii’s remote control. Although Star Wars The Force Unleashed is being released on Wii, Lightsaber Duels marks the first original Star Wars game for Nintendo’s best-selling console. Both of these new Clone Wars games will be playable at E3 and the Comic-Con convention in July.

Also it was confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is still in production, "a source inside the company confirmed that the original Indiana Jones game, which was first shown at E3 2006, is still moving forward with some of the development team from The Force Unleashed."

Update: There's a lot more info, including screenshots at this IGN interview.

Update by Tingler: The same article at Venture Beat also mentions that LucasArts will not be unveiling any new games at E3 this year. While this could hopefully mean Indiana Jones might make an appearance, I wouldn't hold your breath. Force Unleashed and Fracture are the only confirmed games appearing.

Source: Venture Beat


There's a new interview up at IGN with Haden Blackman about The Force Unleashed (duh). He gives the usual spiel about the game with a bit of new footage, and thankfully doesn't mention the words "kicking ass with the Force" (I think he's got my letters).

Honestly though the most interesting part (at least for me) is near the end where he starts talking about the new music for the game. The composer is Mark Griskey, who did a stellar job with the score for Knights of the Old Republic 2, so I'm hoping for a John Williams-rivalling epic.

Adventure Gamers reports some news that everyone (me) has been waiting for: the announcement of a North American publisher for A Vampyre Story. Said publisher will be, in the most unsurprisingly turn of events ever, The Adventure Company. According to today's announcement, the game will ship in North America in October (a full year from its original project release window, but what month could be more fitting?) at an SRP of $29.99. Woo!

Thanks to reader n0n4m3 for the heads up!

We're having another one of our famous Mixnmojo-meet-ups!

Where: The Northernmost Marker, Stonehenge, the Threshold of Worlds, Where the Moon Doth Rise with a Dragon's Face, Wiltshire, England, The Universe
When: The Summer Solstice, at the time between Venus has risen over Neptune, and the Crow has called out thrice to the rising sun
Who: All fans of Classic LucasArts!

Just let me know you're coming.

Oh, give me a break. We have four reader opinions for the The Secret of Monkey Island article so far. Four. Is that a joke? Send in something or you're banned.

Thanks! :-)

Update: A few people have asked for a deadline on this. If you intend to send in a Reader Opinion, please do so by this Friday, the 20th. Ye land lubbers.

Did you know this already? Probably, but we didn't post about it. So here you go.

The script for Frank Darabont's version of Indy IV that leaked online and released the Wrath of LucasLegal upon a few hapless websites has received a few reviews. G4TV did one first, and now Vanity Fair has one too.

You can discuss the script and these reviews in our forum thread here.


So, despite last week's press release announcing the downloadable release of the PC version of Insecticide (Part One) on June 13th, I'm not seeing it on Direct2drive, Paradox, or Gametap unless I'm missing something.

I can tell you though, even though it's probably pretty old news, that the DS version of the game's SRP has gone down to $19.99, which doesn't say anything positive about the game's sales, but may make it more attractive to you if for whatever reason the PC version is not an option.

Update by The Tingler: Hmm. If you look at GameZone's page on the game, they mark the digital download as coming 1st July.

2nd Update: We've now heard back from Crackpot about the release. On asking for a quote about the release, here was the reply from Michael Levine:
My quote is this: "The game is done and the release is imminent.”

That work?
So, soon then!

The brothers Chapman, creators of Homestar Runner and, by extension, Strong Bad, have been interviewed by Kotaku (update: the actual link!) and some of the questions are about Telltale and the cool game for attractive people.

Update by Zaarin: While I'm sure that book about Napoleon is excellent, this is the interview we wanted to point you to.

Source: Kotaku


LucasArts have released a video that manages to spoil the plot of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed three months before the game is released. This beats Lucas' previous record of two months for us in the UK by releasing The Phantom Menace in July rather than May, but still giving us the game, book, soundtrack, toys and all the other merchandise.

Still, at least it opens with the Golden Guy back to his lightsaber-flinging self.

If you don't care, check it out here. But then, if you don't care, you won't want to check it out. So who is this video for again?

The official trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (movie, not game) is now watchable at Yahoo! Movies. The biggest surprise is the presence of Christopher Lee, reprising his role as Count Dooku.

There's a new Attractive trailer for Strong Bad, which, as you all know, is the Wiiware/PC game coming in July from Telltale. Take a look: it's good gameplay footage.

Also, three lucky people will get to win the first episode of the Wiiware version from Nintendo World Report Telltale. All you have to do is to create a Mii, submit it and bribe the judges. Good luck to everyone, and come on Strong Bad!

Source: Nintendo World Report


Just thought I'd mention that the most infamous of the rejected screenplays for the fourth Indiana Jones film, the one by Frank Darabont, has finally been leaked online. While there's no way to verify the script's authenticity (though I'm pretty sure it's legit), and it's not clear whether or not this is the final draft, Indy fans will surely want to grab it anyway before LucasLegal gets wind.

Update: Wind gotten. :(

If you managed to read it before pdfscreenplays opened the Ark of the Covenant and found a 'Cease And Desist' letter inside, or just want to know about it, have a chat about it on our forums.

It would seem that Joe Pinney, who used to work at LucasArts a long time ago, has joined the ever growing ranks of Telltale as their latest designer.

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Pinney's name, as it seems the only game he served on back at LucasArts as project leader was Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, the sadly canceled graphic adventure sequel to Fate of Atlantis. Nonetheless, it's always nice to see another member of the old LucasArts family find a new home at LucasArts 2.0 Telltale Games, where their talents can hopefully be applied to games that are actually allowed to see the light of day!

I have no idea if you've seen the MTV Movie Awards, but if you have you might have noticed that Jack Black went wearing a Brütal Legend t-shirt.

The majority of the press didn't ask him what these two words of awesome meant, but MTV News did. There is scarce little information but what information there is is interesting. Basically: the game is coming "someday," the PR man from Sierra has no comment on whether the Activision-Vivendi merging will affect the game, and we can expect new information "soon". Soon can't come soon enough, really.

Source: MTV Multiplayer


The latest development in the world of A Vampyre Story, as reported by The Pumpkin Post, is a new preview for the game by Total PC Gaming in their upcoming September issue. While that obviously makes the contents of the preview unavailable to us, the following quotes from it provided by Ascaron (one of the game's fifty publishers), gives you an idea of the sort of opinion the magazine had for Bill Tiller's brainchild.
"Considering the impressive pedigree, it's no surprise at all that A Vampyre Story is one of the most artistically accomplished games currently in development."

"Tiller has spent the last 4 years painting the backgrounds and characters along with fellow LucasArts alumni Bill Eaken, and the results are certainly impressive."

"From what we have seen so far it is definitely capable of provoking laughter"

"Bought to life by the excellent comic timing in the animation and voice acting"

"a unique approach to the core gameplay suggests that we're in for some real head-scratchers come September."

"We're confident that A Vampyre Story will turn out to be one of the greatest adventure games of the year."
If you live in the UK, look out for the full preview on magazine shelves in a few months time. And, apparently, we should be looking for the game itself around that time as well.

There's important news, there's really important news, and then there's this. Remember when you were playing through Telltale's Sam & Max games, all the while saying to yourself, "Wow, these games have great characters, a compelling story, wonderful dialog, and fantastic artwork, but they nonetheless totally blow because they're lacking a seemingly inconsequential element from Hit the Road and those Freelance Police screenshots that really pulls the whole package together: Sam's hand as a cursor." From the looks of things, Telltale is correcting their tragic mistake with the upcoming Wii version, still due for an August release. Says Jake:
We're doing the game justice on the wii, though. Widescreen [...] Also, the UI has been tweaked for consoles, allowing you to select dialog options and inventory items (and browse the menu) with the d-pad as well as with face buttons, and there is a new, pretty episode launcher. The Wii version also marks the return of a favorite Sam & Max cursor of yore.
Those of you who've been staying away from Season 1 can now finally get onboard. Don't scare us like that again, Telltale.

It appears that rumors of LucasArts' death ("death" here having the meaning of an absence of game development) may have been somewhat exaggerated. Despite the most recent reports indicating that "all other partially-completed internal projects will be outsourced," it seems that at least the upcoming Indiana Jones game will remain an in-house production. From Joystiq:
The "next-gen" console adventures of Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. will continue ... and not just in LEGO form. LucasArts has confirmed to Joystiq that the Indiana Jones title first revealed in 2006 is still in development internally at the company's San Francisco offices. Despite yesterday's staff downsizing, there are "no plans to outsource its development to an external studio."
An update on the previously mentioned Shacknews piece confirms this. So, good news for Indiana Jones at least. But what about after that?

Well, we're also of course aware of LucasArts' claim that "We are definitely committed to the internal studio," though the more cynical of us may be more swayed by the thoughts shared by "MonkeyCoder," who in the comments section of the aforementioned Shacknews article says he's a LucasArts programmer and that the company is not in any way abandoning internal development.

So, what to think? Certainly things don't look as resolutely grim on the LucasArts' internal production front as they perhaps seemed based on the last few reports. Only time will tell, of course, but at least for now we can confirm that the Indiana Jones game (titled Staff of Kings by all accounts besides official announcement) is still in active production and in the hands of LucasArts developers, for better or for worse.

Thanks to JP for the heads up regarding the "MonkeyCoder" stuff.

Thanks to Kotaku for the quotes.

You can now buy the awesome Double Fine action comics in comic book form (it's like it all makes sense now, right?). They're only Scott C's actually, but they're 300 in number, include sketches, and have a foreword by King Schafer himself. They ship in august and cost $20.00 (plus shipping) if you buy now.

Update: by elTee
$35 including shipping, to the UK and presumably the rest of Europe. Bargain!

Source: Nerdcore


According to this (unconfirmed) report on Shacknews, the STFU team will be let go after production wraps and all works-in-progress outsourced.
Following word of routine terminations at develolper LucasArts, a reliable source has informed Shacknews that the company plans to cease internal development and fire roughly 100 more employees after the completion of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

LucasArts is known to have at least one other title, an Indiana Jones game, in development. Shacknews was told that, following the team's termination, all other partially-completed internal projects will be outsourced, a move that fits with earlier rumblings.

Why not just let LucasLicensing take over and shut (what's left of) the whole place down?

Source: Shacknews


After escaping from George Lucas' secret compound, Chris "The Tingler" Capel wrote this love-fest review of Lego Indiana Jones.


Once again over at Kotaku there's a rather interesting and depressing bit of speculation about the present and future of LucasArts on the part of Analyst Michael Pachter in the wake of this week's substantial layoffs:
"If I'm Rodriguez and I know that I'm going to do most of my games with EA going forward, then I'm a lot less anal about double-checking everything EA is up to," said Pachter.

An anonymous former LucasArts employee had the same speculation: "My guess: EA cut a deal and is already making Star Wars games! That's just a guess, but on the heels of the Bioware/EA thing and the hiring of EALA's COO as Lucasarts' new President... that math ain't hard to figure."

Film studio politics could be playing a role here too, said Pachter. Traveller's Tales is owned by Warner Bros., and can be expected to focus on making games based on WB properties like Harry Potter in the future. It would be highly unlikely, said Pachter, that WB would allow Traveller's to work on future Indiana Jones games when rival studio Paramount (Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull) would reap the benefits.

Lovely. Pretty sad that what once could accurately be called the most innovative and creatively vital developer on the planet is now mere steps from being "Star Wars and Indiana Jones licensor," but I would think (hope) that being bought out by EA is a future that's less than probable. The fate suggested by this article is one we've all suspected for years, and I'm sure to many people here the company in question has been dead for some time, but it would be still somewhat saddening to see what the quoted parties hypothesize start to really come true.

Source: Kotaku


As is tradition at LucasArts, the new President Darrell Rodriguez has seen fit to turn over the company staff.

Industry sites are reporting mass layoffs. From Fragland;
We've heard from multiple sources today that LucasArts has laid off approximately 50-100 of its employees, including a handful of higher profile names like VP of Product Development Peter Hirschmann.

While LucasArts public relations did not get back to us today, several former LucasArts staffers did, with one telling us that 75-100 employees were laid off from the company, including the producer of LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Shawn Storc.

According to another source, up to 80% of staff has been laid off in departments such as Production Services, which includes QA and Compliance, with jobs planned to be outsourced overseas. Cuts were also said to be made in development, with art and programming staffers being laid off

It's like déjà vu all over again... Indiana Jones 2007 2008 2015 2020?

Update: Keep your eye on the ex-LucasArts employee Facebook group. Some interesting stuff being posted in the comments.<:MORENEWS:>

Update by The Tingler: Kotaku have the news reports, and the bitter employees have spilled the beans on all the secret projects in the works (Mojo comments in italics):
- KOTOR 3 (They say it's an MMO: most likely a joint project between Lucasarts and BioWare)
- Battlefront 3 (which we've already heard about)
- "The Official Indiana Jones" game (hopefully Staff of Kings, although doesn't that 'official' make it sound like a film tie-in?)
- "another LEGO game based on the Indy universe" (Almost certainly The Complete Adventures)
- "a lightsaber game for the wii (sorry, no lightsaber peripherals)" (Could this be the Clone Wars game? If not, it's strange that it's not mentioned otherwise.)

Two internally-developed games apparently far enough along to be unaffected by the sackings are The Force Unleashed (which they say has already "passed approval with SCEA and is ready to ship") and Fracture, which they say is described by team members as "an absolute piece of garbage".
Although Kotaku does make it clear that that comment on Fracture is by an angry ex-employee so probably biased, I can certainly believe it.

Source: Google News


In case you're heartbroken over the delay for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Gamecock has just announced that the first part of Insecticide, for the PC, has gone gold (the DS version got released a while ago).

Insecticide is the brainchild of Mike Levine and Larry Ahern, he of Curse of Monkey Island fame, and involves bugs (the kind you squish), guns (the kind that Jack Thompson fusses about) and what I hear is a fantastic storyline (the kind I love). So, you know: get the game. It's downloadable, and, as I have proved so many times, the one thing a woman looks for in a man.

Update: As jp-30 helpfully pointed-out, the linked-to article points-out that "the downloadable Part 1 of ‘Insecticide’ on PC will be available June 13 for $14.99 through paradox, Direct2Drive, and GameTap". Thanks jp-30.

Source: Gamezone


Kotaku had a lunch date with Mike and Matt Chapman, where it was learned that the premiere of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People would not launch this month as originally announced, but rather will be available next month. To quote Kotaku's quote of the Brothers Chapman:
The game is actually now getting pushed back to July, but the game is going to just be much better for it. It's just development time.
This is pretty sad news (and as far as I know Telltale's first delay ever, unless it's Nintendo's doing), but the postponement is short, and it's far better for this to happen at the beginning of the series than the alternative.

Update: On a more positive note, Telltale will be appearing on Gamespot's live web show "On the Spot" at 4:00 P.M. Pacific time, or about 45 minutes from now. Representing the company will be Emily (Telltale's version of Ronda Scott) and producer Brett Tosti. Telltale promises new stuff from the game to be showcased, so do check it out. (And if you miss it it'll surely be archived somewhere around here later.)

I was going to just make a forum thread about this, but what the heck, we're the LSD site.

So I was looking at our Game Database and noticed that we have a rather shameful lack of box art for an astonishing number of games, including the following:
  • PHM Pegasus
  • Strike Fleet
  • Night Shift
  • SWOTL Do 335 Tour of Duty
  • SWOTL He 162 Tour of Duty
  • SWOTL P-38 Tour of Duty
  • SWOTL P-80 Tour of Duty
  • Paul Parkranger & the Mystery of the Disappearing Ducks
  • Super Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault
  • Super Return of the Jedi
  • Star Wars Screen Entertainment
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  • Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
  • Ballblazer Champions
  • Star Wars: Rebellion
  • Star Wars: Supremacy
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith

If you own or have access to any of those games, you'd be doing us a huge favor by sending in scans of the front cover (and if you're really awesome, the back cover also) so that our database will suck a little less.

Furthermore, if you were to check out the database and notice certain games that you own boxed copies of have poor or low-res cover scans, no back cover art, or no box art for a certain version of the game that you think should be there, and you want to help us out, please do! Together we can make the Games Database much more complete and awesome. Thanks!

Those wiley scamps at GamesRadar have put together their case to prove that the Force, that mystical energy field that surrounds us and gives Jedi their power, is actually a bit rubbish. Far from making the planet-destroying power of the Death Star look insignificant, it can't even be consistent from film to film.

Oh, and be warned - if you're a big Star Wars nerd (yes, like me sadly), there's possibly a spoiler for The Force Unleashed on page 3, in the middle of Point 5. It's the Secret Apprentice's name, which hasn't yet been properly revealed by LucasArts.

If you're lucky enough to be going to this year's Comic-Con, that is: Steve Purcell, winner of the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic and creator of all that is psychotic bunnies and (cool) anthromophic dogs, is going to be there. It's the same Purcell you're thinking of, as evidenced by the official site. (Also, clicking on that link will kill your dial-up; there's a LOT of pictures.)

The event takes place at San Diego, so if you happen to live in the area and yet manage to not go the Convention and write a sonnet about Steven then keep in mind that you deserve to die. Also your feet smell funny.

Source: Film School Rejects


And now for something more interesting. It turns out that it's possible to get stuck in Monkey Island 2!

Take a looksie!


The good news is that Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures has finally been released for pretty much any platform on the planet!

The bad news is that it's only in the United States of America, which I know no one lives in. Us poor folk in 'Not America' will have to wait until slightly later - this Friday, June 6th to be precise.

While it may be a bit quieter on the Indy front for a long long while, it's not total silence. We've got a review of the game coming up soon, and of course our Fate of Atlantis feature in a few months, plus the vague possibility that LucasArts may actually give some info about that other game they're supposedly working on. Stay tuned, and be happy that there will be a lot less at least!

We've very kindly been sent some photos of the 51st issue of Retro Gamer, with its massive interview with Hal Barwood about Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Check them out:

The magazine is available in Britain now (with a confirmed supply in a train station W H Smiths), will be avialble in American Barnes and Nobles stores in late June/early July, and (this is the best part) is available now, to everyone, on the Internet, for five English pounds.

For those who missed out on buying a Maniac Mansion poster, this is probably the best deal of the year.

Spanish adventure gaming fan-site Aventura y CÍA have published another part to their "Missing Presumed...?" series. A previous instalment you may remember, covered the fate of the Full Throttle sequels; the latest part tells the hidden story of Indiana Jones' secret sequels.

What's that? Pas understanday un uno Spanisho? Well good for you that it's English as well!

In another news, "Mike B" sends word that "British magazine Retro Gamer (Issue 51) has a six-page interview with Hal Barwood for a Making of Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis. Some great info on how the game came about - and why, unfortunately - we'll never see a FOA movie!"

Anyone out there kind enough to give us a scan?

As you know from reading The Pumpkin Post, the folks at Adventure Treff took a trip to the Hamburg offices of Crimson Cow, where they were able to get a close look at an alpha build of A Vampyre Story.

While Google's English translation is a little rough for my tastes, several details are revealed, and others are reaffirmed. It seems like the game's delay comes from issues with the coding side of the game, and the programming has been outsourced to the company Bear Technology to finish things up. On the plus side, and as we've already known, the art side of the game has been long completed, which is why A Vampyre Story 2 is already well into pre-production, with an extremely early suggested release period of Christmas 2009.

See new screenshots and learn much more, including about the game's possible iMUSE type system and future AVS sequels, by reading the whole preview.

It's long :p


Eurogamer finally asked LucasArts representatives the question that's been on everyone's lips;
Are you ever going to make a graphic adventure again and why at least can't you just re-release them?
And how did PR manager Chris Norris and Fracture assistant producer Jeffrey Gullett respond?

Well, you'll want to click right here to find out, won't you?

Source: Eurogamer


A reader named Jonathan from the Guild of Sculptors sent in this great work of Loom fan art:
Bobbin Threadbare and Bishop Mandible have never looked so 3D and torso-less! Well, maybe Mandible. Great work!

Update: As "tenochtitlan" points out in the comments, these figures are apparently part of a complete chess set. I'd buy that for a dollar!