Chapmans interviewed 14 Jun, 2008, 00:53 / 5 comments

The brothers Chapman, creators of Homestar Runner and, by extension, Strong Bad, have been interviewed by Kotaku (update: the actual link!) and some of the questions are about Telltale and the cool game for attractive people.

Update by Zaarin: While I'm sure that book about Napoleon is excellent, this is the interview we wanted to point you to.

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  • ATMachine on 14 Jun, 2008, 02:11…
    I never realized before the uncanny parallels between Napoleon Bonaparte and Strong Bad which Mojo has taken pains to point out: two short, aggressive, egomaniacal dictators of countries with questionable military acumen. Though Strong Bad probably wouldn't be stupid enough to invade Russia in winter.
  • Kroms on 14 Jun, 2008, 03:16…
    Ugh. Sorry, sorry. :(

    I love Napoleon. Or at least I'm completely fascinated by the man. I was reading through his memoirs and I must have forgotten to copy the actual link! Sorry.
  • Maratanos on 14 Jun, 2008, 01:23… there PARTICULAR reason you're linking to the memoirs of Napolean instead of Kotaku?
  • Kroms on 14 Jun, 2008, 03:11…
    Sorry. I'm having a bad day, I must have not copied the link properly.
  • Maratanos on 14 Jun, 2008, 01:32…
    incidentally, the real interview is here.