BennyBoy's great software suite now includes support for Day of the Tentacle Remastered through his DoubleFine Explorer app. Yes, that was quick!

Go explore DOTT Remastered to your heart's content:

Thank you, BennyBoy!

The SCUMM Bar of Grim Fandango sites has relaunched in the wake of the remaster, so why not poke around and discover what Thrik's been betraying Mojo to work on?

Typos aside (and the fact that I can't figure the site out -- is the shirt even for sale?), this Monkey Island-themed tee should possibly interest some. It's designed by crade.one, who we only can assume will receive a cease and desist letter from some obscure Disney department sooner or later.

Run and browse, and see if you are less lazy than me and can figure out the site.

ScummVM, the program that allows you to run many adventure games from many different developers, such as LucasArts, Sierra, Revolution, Coktel Vision, and more, on modern operating systems, phones, tablets, and consoles, is gearing up for their latest release. That means that they have made quite a few improvements, and added new games, and they need your help to test them to make sure they play as they should.

The new games that will be added in 1.7.0 are Chivalry Is Not Dead, Mortville Manor, Return to Ringworld, The Neverhood, and Voyeur. They have also changed their Adlib player for the DOS floppy versions of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Loom, so they need your help testing these games as well.

If you own any of these games and would like to help out, then fire up ScummVM on your platform of choice and test. Let them know how you made out on the ScummVM forums and if you find any bugs, submit them on the ScummVM bug tracker. The results of testing will be posted on the ScummVM wiki.

In related news, keep an eye on the ScummVM Planet. The Google Summer of Code is going on now, ScummVM is a part of it again, and this year their sister project ResidualVM is involved too (with ScummVM acting as an umbrella for both projects). GSoC students are adding support for Sfinx and The Prince and the Coward to ScummVM, as well as improving support for Escape from Monkey Island and improving the TinyGL renderer in ResidualVM. They've already accomplished a lot on these tasks, so it will be really interesting to see what they manage to get done by the end of the summer.

Fans of Loom have been waiting for the sequel to Loom for decades. Luckily, some creative Loom fans have decided to stop waiting for an official sequel and have created one of their own.

The game is called Forge, and uses bits of information that have been revealed by Loom's creator, Brian Moriarty, over the years. The game follows the blacksmith Rusty Nailbender, and uses a new magical item to conduct spells, the Blacksmith Guantlets, rather than the weaver's distaff. It uses a graphical style similar to the 256 colour art of the Loom PC CD and FM-Towns versions, and is created using the Adventure Game Studio engine.

If that sounds like something that's of interest to you, then you can pick it up for free over at the Forge homepage.
To ring out the old year with a bang, here's some adventure related Mojo tidbits for you all.

First, do you remember the Marius Winter's adventure game application that got him an internship at Double Fine? Well, Diego Delfino was inspired by that, and took it one step further, creating a full playable adventure game application in an attempt to a job at Telltale Games.

Second, if you're like me, you might be wondering how chapter 2 of The Journey Down is coming along. Luckily, the Chapter 2 Work in Progress thread at Desura has just been updated with news and new screenshots.

They've got an internal preliminary playable-to-the-end build of the game up and running, but there's a lot of things missing yet and most of the movies are still animated storyboards. There are still some puzzles that need inside knowledge to solve, but they hope to have an internal beta version of the game ready by February that will allow the game to be completed by people who don't know the solutions to all the puzzles.

And, lastly, to wrap up the last Mojo tidbits post of 2013, I'll leave you with a Monkey Island music video set to the song Payphone. It was created by Artisa, and posted on our forums nearly a month ago (which is only a few days in Mojo Time™).

A couple of deeply ashamed Mojoers:

remster: Oh god, Gabzo paraphrasing me
remster: God I can't republish this, Gabez made me sound like an ass!
LucasTones: me too!
LucasTones: you're saying "basically, Jake's time in the sun has come to an end" and I'm saying "I don't want to incriminate myself, but I was on DRUGS"

Yet republish it we did: Mojo, 10 Years and Counting is back online, and ashamed as we are, there is no point denying that this is the penultimate Mojo article. If there's one article that sums it all up -- the infighting, the insults, the admittance that Mojo is a sentient being and we're all its bitches -- it's this one.

And it's kind of mindblowing that this originally was posted in 2007, more than six years ago.

Get ready for a nostalgia trip, and go read Mojo, 10 Years and Counting, and remember: We're so, so sorry.

Mojo's hosted site Nightlight Productions, which for years has regaled us with radio plays based on Lucasarts games, is now looking to crowdsourcing to fund their latest radio play: Pharaoh: Walking in Memphis.

As the site says, "Pharoah is a comedy set in ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, and the cradle of a pretty damn impressive civilisation. Where a once noble ruler, the wise and noble Pharaoh Hatchoo, loved by all, has journeyed to the great beyond to take his place amongst the gods. He’s left the mortal world, and finds himself in a better place." Sounds good? Head on over to Pozible and help make it a reality!

Remember how the SCUMM Bar was updated? Jason did, and angrily deemed the movie section to have skipped over the perceived Pirates of the Caribbean/Monkey Island connection.

And you know what, he might have been right.

Therefore the editorial staff of the SCUMM Bar accepted his long, vaguely scary manifesto; edited it into their own views; drizzled some facts and rumors on top; and came to a conclusion that will leave you in shock and awe. (It probably won't leave you in shock or awe.)

With the many crazy rumors surrounding these two movies out there, we did at least try to keep our views balanced and let sanity prevail. Read it and see if you agree.

Well I've got one for ya: The SCUMM Bar has been updated. What a world we live in.

Following a quiet and thankful revert to their old design back in February, they have now made some sizable content updates. This mainly includes a much more corpulent Tales section, a more comprehensive collection of known info about the cancelled animated film, and a revamped MP3 section that now covers Tales.

I don't mind telling you, I needed those MP3s. Go visit The SCUMM Bar! Your children may be the age you are now before its next update, after all.

If you don't frequent the Telltale forums -- and heavens, we can understand why you don't -- you have missed out on an actual interesting post titled "Monkey Island photography". In it, a deranged passionate fan has put together diorama replicas of various Monkey Island screenshots and... All snark aside, these photos are pretty damn impressive.

Run over and check them out. Fan-art sure has taken the right turn from what it used to be like.

Double Fine's Massive Chalice has already jumped over its $725k goal, and is on its way to do very well indeed. Not Broken Age well, but let's face it... Times have changed as far as Kickstarting games go.

Proof in the pudding is Tiller's Year One Kickstarter limping toward $20k, or 10% of its goal. We all think you owe it to Jason to make this game happen -- did you see his video?! -- and come on... It's an adventure game from Bill Tiller. It will if nothing else look gorgeous, and his introduction video is pure class. Run and Kickstart if you haven't already done so.

And finally we have Telltale teasing six seconds (and another six seconds) of what looks like it might be The Walking Dead Not Season 2 But Something To Keep Your Attention. Hey, it should be good, whatever it is.

bgbennyboy, owner of Quick & Easy Software and creator of several explorers and the famous USB ejector, has released a new program called DoubleFine Explorer. As the name suggests, you can use it to explore the innards of various post-Psychonauts Double Fine games and extract titbits you may find useful.

Valkian has finally finished the second issue of The Thrillville Quarterly! I'll let him describe the new issue himself:


That magnificent cover illustration [pictured below] was made by Jón Kristinsson, who makes some wonderful adventure game tributes. Among the many great articles featured, we have this interview with Dave Grossman, an article by Gabez on imagination and Escape From Monkey Island, one by elTee on the Double Fine Adventure and a short story by Haggis, among some other things.

Now go read!

You can't chuck a box of Tentacle Chow anywhere in Germany without it hitting someone working on a Maniac Mansion fan game. But the one brought to my attention by Cyrus7 on our forums is a little bit different.

Crazy Mansion presents an original story that takes place in the universe of the Maniac Mansion while adroitly sidestepping copyrighted names in order to escape legal problems. The team is a group of longtime friends and Maniac Mansion fans who call themselves Desperate Studios and have apparently been tinkering with homemade game development since the Commodore 64 days.

They seem to have gotten far along enough in the conceptual phase of Crazy Mansion to show off a bunch of stuff and are trying their hand at crowdsourcing the game's development - check out their indiegogo campaign where you can read an overview of the project as well as see a bunch of concept art and the following trailer. I do like the art style they've landed on:

ResidualVM needs testers!

17 Apr, 2012, 17:39 | Posted by: ThunderPeel2001 | Source: ResidualVM.org | Comments: 3

ResidualVM are about to reach a major milestone, their first Beta release, and they need your assistance in testing it.

All you need to do is download the latest pre-release build (not daily build) of ResidualVM for your system from here, and play Grim Fandango.

The devs will appreciate any information about major bugs you encounter here!

Have you still not sent all your Christmas cards because you're looking for that perfect Monkey Island one? Look no more! Redbeard1973 over on the Monkey Island forums has redone Jake's old Monkey Island Christmas card in a higher resolution. Have a look.

To grab the high-res version, right-click the thumb and click "Save linked content" or your browser equivalent.

As noted by Benny on the forums, some enterprising fellow has adapted the recent Psychonauts Steam update into a patch for all other PC versions of the games (meaning retail and digital versions from non-Steam vendors) so that we too may enjoy the enhancements.

Download the patch, which may or may not blow up your computer, here.
Reader and understandably fervent Maniac Mansion fan BionicBoots has alerted me to a music video he made where he adds lyrics to Dave's theme music from the NES version of the game (the only version where there was music for the kids). I think his effort was commendable and certainly no less misguided than the "Raiders March With Lyrics" Youtube video we pimped some time back, so here it is. Oh, and believing that two is more than one, BionicBoots went ahead and made a "rock remix" version of his own music video; you'll find both achievements below.

Quick & Easy with a facelift!

05 Jun, 2011, 22:15 | Posted by: Zaarin | Comments: 4

The popular hosted site Quick & Easy has had a facelift. Benny's page hosts several popular tools he's writen, including the Telltale Explorer, a replacement Grim Fandango installer, the USB Disk Ejector, and many more. Tools like the Telltale Music Extractor are updated often to support Telltale's latest games so make sure you stop by from time to time to check out the latest updates.

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