More preview love for Vampyre 10 Jun, 2008, 01:05 / 3 comments

The latest development in the world of A Vampyre Story, as reported by The Pumpkin Post, is a new preview for the game by Total PC Gaming in their upcoming September issue. While that obviously makes the contents of the preview unavailable to us, the following quotes from it provided by Ascaron (one of the game's fifty publishers), gives you an idea of the sort of opinion the magazine had for Bill Tiller's brainchild.
"Considering the impressive pedigree, it's no surprise at all that A Vampyre Story is one of the most artistically accomplished games currently in development."

"Tiller has spent the last 4 years painting the backgrounds and characters along with fellow LucasArts alumni Bill Eaken, and the results are certainly impressive."

"From what we have seen so far it is definitely capable of provoking laughter"

"Bought to life by the excellent comic timing in the animation and voice acting"

"a unique approach to the core gameplay suggests that we're in for some real head-scratchers come September."

"We're confident that A Vampyre Story will turn out to be one of the greatest adventure games of the year."
If you live in the UK, look out for the full preview on magazine shelves in a few months time. And, apparently, we should be looking for the game itself around that time as well.


  • GodzillaX8 on 11 Jun, 2008, 06:23…
    Why haven't they merged into Telltale yet?
  • The Tingler on 10 Jun, 2008, 12:11…
    Hmm, not the easiest PC mag to find, especially in my local Borders which has taken to hiding their gaming magazines. You'd think they'd be next to 'computing', right? Well they were until recently, now they're under 'Porn'!
  • PirateKingChris on 15 Jun, 2008, 05:42…
    Vampyre Story may garner the same reaction in me that porn does...