Can Videogames Be Funny? 21 Jun, 2008, 04:41 / 4 comments

All you have to do to find that out is to ask Telltale.


  • Ascovel on 26 Jun, 2008, 21:53…
    Good question. Makes one wonder.
  • fov on 21 Jun, 2008, 17:40…
    A few people from Telltale were actually interviewed for that article. I guess their comments didn't make the cut.
  • The Tingler on 21 Jun, 2008, 08:47…
    Thankfully they DO mention Telltale in the article.

    Wideload Games' last game, Stubbs The Zombie, was very funny and entertaining - it was just badly made, and the review scores reflected that. Blaming "humour not a viable genre" as an excuse is bollocks.

    And Hail To The Chimp looks awful.
  • Kroms on 21 Jun, 2008, 18:11…
    I'm getting it the day it comes-out.