Read the Indy games that were never meant to be... 22 Jun, 2008, 21:34 / 0 comments

The long-awaited (well, by me at least) Indiana Jones Comics Omnibus Volume 2 is now available in stores, online or off, a few days earlier than expected.

All of these comics have been out-of-print for years and are very hard to come by, but they're mostly of interest to us because this volume contains the two stories that could have been Fate of Atlantis 2 - Iron Phoenix and Spear of Destiny.

While Spear of Destiny most likely bears little relation to the intended story for the cancelled game, Iron Phoenix is very game-like in its structure, and contains several elements that ended up in the true sequel - Infernal Machine. The artifacts being scattered across remote points of the world, including one at Shambala Sanctuary, and Russians being in it for example.