Insecticide: Part One (PC) goes gold, gets release date 06 Jun, 2008, 03:13 / 8 comments

In case you're heartbroken over the delay for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Gamecock has just announced that the first part of Insecticide, for the PC, has gone gold (the DS version got released a while ago).

Insecticide is the brainchild of Mike Levine and Larry Ahern, he of Curse of Monkey Island fame, and involves bugs (the kind you squish), guns (the kind that Jack Thompson fusses about) and what I hear is a fantastic storyline (the kind I love). So, you know: get the game. It's downloadable, and, as I have proved so many times, the one thing a woman looks for in a man.

Update: As jp-30 helpfully pointed-out, the linked-to article points-out that "the downloadable Part 1 of ‘Insecticide’ on PC will be available June 13 for $14.99 through paradox, Direct2Drive, and GameTap". Thanks jp-30.
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  • Udvarnoky on 06 Jun, 2008, 17:02…
    Also along with the announcement Gamecock released six new screenshots to various media sites which you can see here.
  • Capn_Nacho on 06 Jun, 2008, 08:55…
    I REALLY hope the story gets expanded, and the dialogue increased. I loved the game and really enjoyed it for DS, but I don't really think the story was all that great. Some things seemed needlessly overdeveloped (like Chrys's squadmates who you see only once but have pages and pages of backgrounds for) and some wildly underdeveloped (the ending was pretty devastating.)

    I feel comfortable in assuming the PC version will get rid of most of my problems, though, as most of them really were because of the DS's limitations. The way the last cinematic seemed to get awkwardly chopped off at the end literally pained me.
  • The Tingler on 06 Jun, 2008, 12:36…
    I agree, I really hope they expand the exploration value a bit - I want to see more of the world!
  • Diduz on 06 Jun, 2008, 07:57…
    I can't wait. I have an increasingly good feeling about this game. The price is honest, IMHO.
  • Udvarnoky on 06 Jun, 2008, 05:00…
    30 bucks for both parts seems about right. I would like to know that the second half isn't far behind though.

    I really don't get the rationale for making this bisodic in the first place though, aside from giving a little bit to people sooner than would be possible with releasing the full game at once. Since the game is divided into self-contained missions, having half of them in Part1 and the remainder in Part2 works well enough I guess, but this game has a complete story that's going to simply get cut off when Episode 1 ends. I'll be buying Episode 1 day one because I really want the PC version of the game after the DS one was so obviously shortchanged, and part of me wants other people to do the same to show their support for the developer, but honestly I recommend those who've waited this long to keep waiting until the whole thing is out so they can just play the whole thing.
  • jp-30 on 06 Jun, 2008, 04:17…
    From the linked to article:

    The downloadable Part 1 of ‘Insecticide’ on PC will be available June 13 for $14.99 through paradox, Direct2Drive, and GameTap.

    Visit to learn more.
  • Kroms on 06 Jun, 2008, 05:28…
    o.o I didn't write that? Whoops.
  • jp-30 on 06 Jun, 2008, 05:33…
    Thanking me twice! I'm doubly honoured.