Insecticide screenshots 25 Jun, 2008, 20:08 / 7 comments

Crackpot's released new Insecticide screenshots (PC version). Good stuff.

Source: Gamershell



  • Shmargin on 26 Jun, 2008, 13:36…
    Am I the only one that feels we're giving this game too much hope? It looks like a bad Dreamcast shooter. I dont see anything great here.

    I see bad textures on bad models. The PC version looks like the DS game at slightly higher resolution.
  • Ascovel on 26 Jun, 2008, 17:05…
    Do you have fun only playing games with state-of-the-art graphics? That would suck, because games get too old for you just a few months after their release.
  • Kroms on 26 Jun, 2008, 15:21…
    I hope you're wrong. But yeah, the concept artwork they released was a little too good compared to the end result, but then again it's the game itself, not the art, that matters.
  • Udvarnoky on 26 Jun, 2008, 18:04…
    And anyway, the art isn't bad at all even if the graphics are low-end.
  • Kroms on 27 Jun, 2008, 02:45…
    I hate the word "graphics." So I always use art instead. It can be confusing.

    Art= graphics.
    Artwork= what it says.
  • Shmargin on 29 Jun, 2008, 03:23…
    Nah, I dont ONLY like games with high end graphics, I still play 2600 games. But it doesnt look that great, and the gameplay LOOKS like it might be repetative shooterness.

    I'm just sayin.
  • Scummbuddy on 26 Jun, 2008, 02:52…
    Sweet. Can't wait!