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09 Jun, 2008, 01:27 | Posted by: Kroms | Source: Nerdcore
You can now buy the awesome Double Fine action comics in comic book form (it's like it all makes sense now, right?). They're only Scott C's actually, but they're 300 in number, include sketches, and have a foreword by King Schafer himself. They ship in august and cost $20.00 (plus shipping) if you buy now.

Update: by elTee
$35 including shipping, to the UK and presumably the rest of Europe. Bargain!
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Murray the Chao | Posted 09 Jun, 2008, 06:28
    Found an error - there was a GBA version of Infernal Machine as well.
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 09 Jun, 2008, 18:01
    The error is in the database?
  • Comment by: Jennifer | Posted 09 Jun, 2008, 04:12
    Oh joy! A Knight Guy board game is included! I'm picking up a copy of this for sure!
  • Comment by: Udvarnoky | Posted 09 Jun, 2008, 01:28
    Double Fine Comics on a bookstore shelf! Awesome.

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