Yet another ex-LEC designer joins the Telltale family 10 Jun, 2008, 18:41 / 2 comments

It would seem that Joe Pinney, who used to work at LucasArts a long time ago, has joined the ever growing ranks of Telltale as their latest designer.

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of Pinney's name, as it seems the only game he served on back at LucasArts as project leader was Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, the sadly canceled graphic adventure sequel to Fate of Atlantis. Nonetheless, it's always nice to see another member of the old LucasArts family find a new home at LucasArts 2.0 Telltale Games, where their talents can hopefully be applied to games that are actually allowed to see the light of day!


  • Kroms on 11 Jun, 2008, 02:47…
    Congratulations, Joe! May the Telltale Star Shine Even More Awesome.
  • Udvarnoky on 10 Jun, 2008, 18:46…
    For those who are interested, Joe Pinney also was on the team of one of the canceled iterations of The Dig and was a tester on Loom and The Secret of Monkey Island.